The 11,000ers of the Canadian Rockies


On Friday October 16th Bill Corbett, the third person to climb all 54 of the 11,000-foot peaks in the Canadian Rockies, will be in Enderby to give a talk and slide show. He has written a book about his achievement and has many amazing photos and stories to share. The event is being sponsored by the Enderby and District Arts Council and will be held at the Enderby Drill Hall at 7:30pm. Admission is by donation.


KHC’s Board of Directors completed their fall meeting to look ahead to 2016 and a summary of the decisions is provided here:

  • Welcome to Anthony Stahn as Vice-President of KHC’s Board.
  • Welcome to Firth Powell as upcoming Membership Director.
  • The Board confirmed 200 as the cap for membership for 2016.
  • Membership categories were reviewed, discussed, and debated.   The Family Membership has been eliminated now and Couples memberships for new members will not be offered, starting November 1st.   In future years, only Single Memberships will be offered.
  • Minors may now join their parents as Guests on appropriate events (with some provisions – see the Minors page).
  • Some minor changes were made to the Guests policy.
  • There will be no photo contest nor a calendar this year.   KHC will investigate some minor merchandise items for 2016.
  • KHC will purchase one more Spot 3 device for use by hike leaders.
  • A policy to ensure Hike Leaders are reimbursed for expenses for longer events like  camps and backpacks has been adopted.
  • KHC will not enable any January events for registration until all members’ accounts are ready.   In that way, returning members and new members have an equal chance to register for events.
  • Hike leaders are encouraged to set up events to provide spaces for new members for the first part of 2016.
  • The Annual General Meeting will be held in March.   At that time, Directors will be elected.   We are recruiting for two key positions –  President and Treasurer.
  • See you on the trails.