Some short news items:

  • Paddling, Biking, and Hiking are in full gear (at last).
  • Although some of our events fill up, there are almost always openings from cancellations within the last 48 hours
  • We have moved Possible Trips off the main event list to its own page now – see Potential Trips (link) for more information
  • Thanks to all the interested hikers who are on the waiting list; the Board is meeting May 6th where a decision will be made
  • Summer events continue to be added, juggled, and revised; check the list for more information
  • We have a good sign-up for our Spring Camp in Clearwater.   Cross your fingers for good weather!

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Booking Tips

Some events fill up quickly and some don't so here are some brief tips on booking into the events you want.

  • New events arise without any fanfare so check the site often and go down the list looking for events that interest you.
  • If you wait too long, the event may fill up.   The best way to book in is to plan ahead.
  • Even full events have spaces open up in the last 48 hours.   Another successful strategy is to book into events on short notice, after cancellations have happened.
  • If you want to change your booking from 1 to 2 or 2 to 1, cancel your booking, then immediately rebook with the change.
  • Most events have a cut-off time for booking or cancelling.   It is usually within the last 2 hours.
  • Network with Club members for informal meet-ups if events are full.

Some recent changes to the website to report too:

  • the participants list for an event is only visible if you are logged in.   This feature is added to support privacy concerns.
  • all events are back into one list so that chronological order of upcoming events is displayed.   Icons are used to differentiate activities.   If the icons don't render properly for you, it is your browser choice that affects what you can see (these all work fine with Firefox in a Windows OS).
  • the site has been optimized for better performance on mobile phones
  • more summer events have now been enabled for registration and more are in planning stages.

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April KHChirps

Some April 1st news:

  • Hike Leaders have asked for access to participants’ cell numbers so it is now a required field in registration.  If you don’t have a cell phone, enter some text into the required space.
  • Some participants would prefer to not have their full names displayed on the event page.   We will make this optional for each participant.     When you register, the Event Management System fetches your name from the website user database.   To change your displayed name to an abbreviated form (instead of Tom Brown to T. Brown, Tom B., or just Tom), edit your profile (top right hand corner when logged in).   Change either your first name or last name fields, then choose what you want displayed in the Display Name As drop-down field.   Save and exit.   Its up to you, but make sure hike leaders can still figure out who is coming from the lists.
  • While you are editing your profile, you can also change your user avatar if you wish.   The website randomly picks an image for you if you don’t upload your own avatar.
  • The Hike Leaders Group are recommending that all hikes have a co-leader/sweep.   The Board will be reviewing that at its next Board meeting (May 6).   At that time, the waiting list will also be discussed.
  • We are looking for leaders to offer some events for slower hikers to some of the popular hikes – Trophies, Sun Peaks, Adams River, etc.   Bike rides and paddle routes for recreational users are also needed.   Contact a Board member if you can help out.

End of March KHChirps

Some short news items:

  • Sidebars have been streamlined   Hikes, Club events, backpacks, and camps are on the right.   Paddling and cycling are on the left.
  • We have 170 members and 20 on the waiting list.
  • Events may fill up, but there are always cancellations.   Watch in the last 48 hours for openings.   Participants who know they have to cancel are asked to do so as early as possible to make space for others.
  • FMCBC’s March News – elink
  • Work parties with the Kamloops Trails Alliance are upcoming,   See the event listings for more information.
  • Comments are a great way to communicate.   We have expanded places to network throughout the website.
  • Summer events are brewing.  Watch for new listings once they have sufficiently steeped.

Spring KHChirps

Some short news items:

  • Spring has arrived and we are out hiking a few times each week.
  • New events are being added so check the website often to book your place.
  • KHC hosts a Hike for Wildlife each Spring in support of the Canadian Wildlife Federation.   This year the hike will be on April 6th in the Isobel Lake area.   See the listing in the sidebar.
  • Hikes are enabled for registration up to mid-June.   Biking and paddling events start in April and are also enabled.
  • See you on the trails!

AGM KHChirps

Some post-AGM news items:

  • the AGM went well with 43 members attending
  • our thanks to Leanne Peniuk for organizing the social/potluck
  • thanks also to Michelle Dressler, Katherine Roberts, Ed Hennan, and Clive Giolma for their help with various facets of the event
  • KHC’s Volunteer of the Year for 2013-1204 is Wendy Kineshanko
  • 11 Directors were elected to the 2014-2015 Board
  • neither a president nor a vice president was elected at the AGM so the Board will appoint Directors to those positions at their first Board meeting
  • our thanks to retiring Directors Michelle Dressler, Leanne Penuik, Ed Hennan,  and Lori Rilkoff
  • welcome to new Directors Ranj Kaur, Kathy Grieve, Clive Giolma, Greg Arvidson, and John Moslin, as well as returning Directors Dave Schmidt, Katherine Roberts, Carol Pugle, Wendy Kineshanko, Sheila Powell, and Doug Smith (Past President)
  • minutes of the AGM will posted to the site when they are ready
  • See you on the trails!


Some short news items:

  • Snowshoe season is over for most and we have started to hike this week.
  • All April events are now enabled for registration and May events will be enabled over the next week.
  • A few cycling and paddling events now have registration enabled.
  • More recreational paddling and cycling events will be published once the weather warms up a bit more.
  • Following our AGM/Social on Sunday, a summary of the meeting will be published as a post to this site.
  • See you On the Trails!

Rabbit Island 001c



Our Annual General Meeting is fast approaching. We are pleased to have 30 already signed up.

  • See the event listing for more details.
  • Leanne is organizing the potluck so participants are asked to comment on what they are bringing.
  • Katherine and Michelle have organized some draw prizes for those who attend.
  • Clive has organized a small gear swap. Bring any outdoor items you would like to sell.
  • There will be a raffle for a framed photo. Thanks to Ed Hennan for his donation to the event.
  • Nominations for a Board position can be done in advance by emailing Ed Hennan or by a nomination from the floor during the AGM. We are looking for some new members to replace the retiring Directors. - Call for Nominations
  • Most of all, the AGM is a social event, low-key and member-focused. We hope to see you there.


Spring is just around the corner:
- Our AGM is coming up. It’s a good place to meet people, to find out what is proposed for the upcoming year, and to offer your input.
- Changes to our insurance program are pending. A report to be provided at the AGM.
- A gear swap will now be part of the AGM program
- KHC is a member of the Federation of Mountain Clubs of BC. Here’s a link to our February E-News:
- Welcome to new hike leaders Ernie Carson and Bob Trudeau.
- There are still places open for our pool kayak session in April.
- Our thanks to Dave Schmidt and Wendy Kineshanko for managing all of the many membership and finance tasks over the last 3 months.

The tagline below Kamloops Hiking Club is “On the Trails.” Do we need a new one? Come out to offer your ideas at our AGM/Social on Mar. 16.