Kamloops Hiking Club is a member club of the Federation of Mountain Clubs of BC.

  • Individual members of KHC are also members of FMCBC and $10 of the KHC membership fee goes to the FMCBC membership
  • The mission of FMCBC is “to advocate for safe, self-propelled activities (such as hiking, mountaineering, backcountry skiing, snowshoeing, trail running and other backcountry activities) and the protection of BC’s backcountry for current and future generations to experience”
  • FMCBC has 34 member clubs with about 5000 members.
  • KHC secures its insurance through FMCBC, paying $7/member for the coverage.   Information on the coverage can be found here.
  • KHC received a grant from FMCBC to assist with the Isobel Lake Project in 2013.
  • A great part of FMCBC’s activity is in advocacy.   Out of meetings and shared decision-making, the 34 clubs collectively take a stance with a number of public issues concerning trails, recreational access, and conservation.
  • KHC members receive access to monthly newsletters posted as links to the website.   FMCBC also produces Cloudburst on a semi-annual schedule.
  • KHC’s Board appoints a Director to serve on the FMCBC Board.   This has been Doug Smith since the inception of the club.   Doug attends FMCBC meetings through conference calls and will be attending an annual regional meeting in October.
  • FMCBC’s August enewsletter.


With smoke throughout the province, we have to be aware of air quality, especially for longer hikes in hot weather.   Hike Leaders will update their events or contact the registered participants according to conditions.   We can check on air quality … Continue reading