New Events

New events are being posted at any time.   The best way to spot them is to check the website often.

  • Hike leaders post events once they have confirmed their personal schedules.   Then they pick a date, time, location, and work out the details.   Once the write-up is finished, the event is posted.
  • Some leaders send a link to Facebook (KHC Members or Kamloops Hiking Club) right away.   Sometimes leaders add a Topic (New Events) to the Forums too.
  • Events farther down the schedule are often posted, but not yet enabled for registration.   This is done to avoid the book-a-place-then-cancel-later problem.      We usually put an asterisk after the event to indicate it is not ready for registration.
  • We have added a new field to the event template to provide more information as to when the event will be enabled.
  • Backpacking trips and camps are a little different.   Leaders may have to arrange  bookings, control the numbers, adjust the dates, check for readiness, and so on.   Its a lot of work.   Some leaders post them for expressions of interest and then resolve the issues before registering participants.
  • A number of members like to comment that they are interested in an event before it is published.   For regular day hikes (paddles, bikes, etc.), it is still a first-come, first-registered process.   Most hike leaders will not be contacting the commenters individually, unless that is specifically stated in the event listing.
  • KHC is very active right now.   Lets get out to hike!

KHChirps and Woofs

As the Club grows and new members join in, KHC’s policy on dogs on hikes/events bears some consideraton, clarification and review.   In general, KHC is a dog-friendly club, but has tried to find a balance, as noted on the website – Our Furry Friends.

  • We are asking for members to review the considerations, restrictions, and policies and provide feedback to the Board (link) at this time.
  • Hike/Event leaders retain the right to allow/restrict dogs on Events they lead.
  • KHC wishes to comply with regulations set by B.C. Parks, Parks Canada, and landowners (see this link for more information).


Some short news items:

  • The KHC AGM and Potluck is coming up soon.     Please join us - link.
  • There are now 3 widgets on the sidebar.   The first one (Events) lists regular day events that are current and open for registration, but some of the events three months out are not yet enabled for registration.
  • The second widget (2015 Camps and Backpacks) is separate because it requires advance planning and commitment.   Some require advanced booking; some require a core of interested people before it can get off the ground.   Some require review of holiday schedules months in advance.   A few of these require contacting the event leader because of the unique nature of the event.
  • The third widget (Draft Events) projects events 3+ months out.   Since any event depends on a leader organizing the event, it is hard for many leaders to commit exact dates until closer to the proposed event.   Once dates are confirmed, they can be moved to the main widget (Events).
  • Some of our leaders can’t confirm their work schedule months in advance, so they can only list events in the first widget.
  • One of the challenges KHC faces is that if events are opened up too early, people sign up just to hold a spot, then cancel, sometimes quite late.   We want to avoid this negative cycle.
  • More events appear each week.   Check often to see what’s new.

Winter Shots

Some photos posted to Facebook from this winter’s events:

(hover your cursor over the photo for information)


Some short mid-February news items:

  • Some events for spring and summer are now posted; the dates provide a framework/outline for the months to come;  all of these will require additional planning so will not be posted for registration until closer to the actual dates (about 4-6 weeks out)
  • A key issue here is hike leaders knowing their personal schedules that far in advance and most can’t do this because of work, family, and other commitments/circumstances
  • To see these proposed events, go to the right sidebar and scroll down to the bottom.
  • An asterisk (*) after an event means that it registration is not yet available for that event.
  • A member noted that the first ticks were spotted/hitched a ride.   This usually happens in March, but with the mild weather, they have started to emerge early.
  • Hike Leaders can now send a link and post of their event listings to Facebook into one of two Facebook Groups – Kamloops Hiking Club and KHC Members (Only)
  • If you have registered for an event, check the event listing over the last few days for any new updates or comments.KHC Logo
  • If you need to cancel, do it as early as possible so other members can book into an event
  • All events are group events and the group is expected to stay together unless the event leader clearly agrees otherwise
  • The Annual AGM and Potluck (link) has now been posted for March 14.

KHC Hike Leaders Program

Some brief notes that came from a meeting of Hike Leaders this week:

  • A program for recruitment and support for hike leaders has been started.   This includes workshops, events, recognition, communications, and adjustments to policies and procedures.
  • Four key hike leaders have been unable (illness, surgery, travel, winter break) to organize KHC events at the same time that we had 70 new members, which created a bit of a “logjam” of full events.   Two of the four will be back in action in 2 weeks and the other 2 in March.   More hike leaders means more event spaces and we expect things to normalize by April.   In the meantime, check the site daily for new events or cancellations, and be sure to get out on your own between booked events to maintain your fitness.
  • The Peaks Series was reviewed, adjusted, and supported.
  • A mentorship/apprentice program has been established to develop more leaders over time (more details tba).
  • The Hike Leaders Group will connect with individual new members to help with them with “learning the ropes”, as needed.
  • The Hike Leaders Group would like to make the Club’s position very clear.   It is the responsibility of the member/participant to ensure that he/she reads the listing carefully, adequately prepares for the event (Ten Essentials), is fit enough for the proposed event, and is medically ready for an event in the backcountry (info).   It is not the volunteer hike leader’s responsibility to check into all those personal details with each participant.     That would make the job impossible and unpalatable.
  • The Guests Policy has been reviewed and some clarification will be added – Link.
  • More radios have been purchased and provided to leaders.   A radios policy/procedure will be drafted.
  • All members will be asked to insert a card in a ziploc into the top compartment of their daypacks.   The card would have the following information – name, emergency contact name and phone number, medical info (if applicable) and anything that would be relevant in case of an emergency or injury.     This will now become an expectation of all members.
  • Training for new backpackers is in the planning stages.
  • Our thanks to Carole Pugle and Katherine Roberts for their leadership roles with our Hike Leaders.

February KHChirps

Some short news items:

  • February 1st was the date for the end of the membership drive for 2016.   By that date the club had 196 members in good standing.   A small number did not fully complete requirements.   No new memberships will be accepted for the year, although the new Board of Directors will review the membership cap in April.
  • A cap of 200 members was set in 2015 based on the Board’s assessment of the number of events, the number of leaders and the number of spaces available in events.   There is enough interest in the community to have a club of over 300, but the number of leaders and event spaces is not there yet.
  • There has been a bit of a shortage of event spaces over the winter because a few of our regular leaders have been out of commission due to surgery, travel, sickness, winter layoffs, and injury.   Most of these will be back at leading events by spring.
  • All events are filling up this winter, although there are almost always cancellations over the last 48 hours.   Long-term members know that they should check the website often for new events and book early.   Their names appear more frequently on events but this is because they are more active with checking.   All members have an equal  opportunity to book into events.
  • All of the most active members continue to hike, snowshoe, bike, paddle, and backpack all year and participation in club events is just part of their fitness and outdoor programs.   KHC events are not a complete fitness program; they complement a personal fitness program.
  • In 2015, KHC scheduled about 170 events and will do the same for 2016.   Any member who can participate in 10%  of these has done well and the cost will be about $2 per outing.   Hiring a hiking guide costs about $300 per day (a minimum of $150 per person).   Golf or skiing is about $75 per day.   Some of our members who are diligent with booking, scheduling and managing their time do over 40 KHC events!
  • Over time, most KHC leaders have moved to smaller groups for a number of reasons.   Hike leaders are volunteers, and based on their experiences, the leaders may go this way since smaller groups are easier to manage, they have fewer problems with group dynamics, there can be less overall difference in fitness levels, fewer logistics, and a stronger sense of a  cohesive “group” while out for the day.    The commitment to lead an event is a big personal responsibility and KHC wants to honor and support the individual leader’s style of leadership.
  • More leaders are always needed and the Board is always open to more volunteers who may be willing to lead, co-lead, apprentice, etc.   Anyone wanting to start that process should contact a Director (link).
  • Each year, Hike Leaders meet twice to talk about and review relevant topics.  The next meeting is set for Friday, February 6th.   If any members have an interest in leading or have suggestions, contact a Director (link).
  • Can the Club do things a different way?   It has gradually evolved to where it is right now.   Any other changes will come from current and future Volunteer Leaders.   Anyone wishing to take a role in change can do so at the Annual General Meeting on March 8th.   More details forthcoming.


Some short news items (newer items in italics):

  • New Events can now be shared directly to Facebook or Twitter by using the Sharing buttons at the bottom of event.   The two Facebook groups are KHC Members (only) and Kamloops Hiking Club.   The KHC Twitter account is @kamloophikingC (if you follow, you will get our Tweets)
  • The website has been further optimized for mobile users.   Check to see if it works on your device.    
  • FMCBC’s January Newsletter
  • Check out our Feature PageKHC in the Subway
  • We have revamped and revised our Guests policy, fees, registration, and waiver, all into one spot – details here.
  • Conditions have changed.   Backroads can be icy.   Stomped in snowshoe tracks are hard.   The snowpack off-trail has settled and is not very deep.   Snowshoeing events will all need careful consideration, except at higher altitudes.
  • The final deadline for completion of all fees, waivers, registration, emergency contacts, etc. is January 31st.  After that date, the membership will be set for the year and incomplete memberships will be removed.   We have about 196 fully-complete memberships right now.
  • Our thanks to Paul Battjes for wrapping up the 2014 Peaks Series.   Paticipants will receive toques and decals.   Thanks to Vital Signs, Picket Fence Graphics, Bone and Biscuit, and participating members.   Details on the 2015 Peaks Series are now posted (link).
  • The Events system sends our confirmation emails and reminder emails.   These have been further customized in support of both event leaders and participants.
  • KHC Members are Members-in-good-standing if they have completed their registration, online waiver, and paid their fees.   These members are not Active, though, until they have booked into and participated in an event.
  • New Events are posted each week.  They are posted when hike leaders  come forward with a date and location.   The best way to see these early is to check each day.
  • The KHC AGM is scheduled for March 8th.   More details tba.
  • Snowshoeing Season will run until about the end of March, but hiking events will also start in March.
  • Paddling and biking will start in April.   Backpacking starts in May this year.   These will all be posted as Events by our Leaders.
  • See you on the trails.
eds group2

(Ed Hennan photo)

KHC Website

The KHC website is our main communications tool:

  • We get about 450 visits every day.
  • We have 187 users/subscribers/members.
  • 102 people subscribe to new website posts by email.
  • The new website was installed this fall and we have had 567 comments posted by members in 4 months.
  • New Events are featured on the right sidebar, but can also be seen on a Calendar Page (link).
  • About 170 events were posted to the website in 2014.   We are on track for about 180 in 2015.
  • Forums/discussions are available on the website for general discussion items among registered members.
  • Logins are now encrypted/secured to prevent hacking of user accounts/information.   Thanks to Jeremy Markel for his help with this.
  • The website has 33 published pages of information.   Another 8 pages are publishable when needed (registration, photo contest, features).
  • The website is run by a volunteer webmaster, with help as needed.
  • KHC has opted for an online events-bookings-emails system called Events Manager.   This plugin has been configured to assist Hike Leaders and participants with an easy access system that reduces the extra work for organizers who already have their hands full with leading outings.   Other Clubs use email systems, newsletters, calendar postings, phone, or meet-ups.   KHC Members have to “learn the ropes” of the website and the Events Manager system to maximize their membership value, but the system is easy to learn with a bit of effort.   Help is always available on request.
sams bushwacker

Sam Chow photo

KHChirps for 2015

Some short mid-January news items:

  • As predicted, the Club filled up for 2015 ahead of schedule
  • New registrations for 2015 are now closed
  • We have 196 fully paid members and only a small handful of people to complete fees or waivers by Jan. 31
  • A big thank you to Dave Schmidt and Wendy Kineshanko for all of their work on registration and fees.
  • Although there was a bit of a “logjam” for the start of January, new events are being posted for both new and renewing members; Info on Successful Booking Practices
  • KHC would like to welcome new event leaders – Lois and Ed Hunter, Marty Hall, and Anthony Stahn; anyone interested in becoming an event leader should contact a Director (link)
  • Snowshoe events are being offered each week and more will be posted over the winter
  • See you on the trails!

Some member notes:

  • Everyone must be registered to participate; no exceptions; this is done in the interests of fairness to event leaders and to all members who follow the guidelines, to comply with insurance requirements, and in accordance with KHC policies
  • Please be “scent-sensitive” on the trails; when we follow closely behind someone else on a snowshoe, we affect others who follow