A few notes of news:

  • Registrations are still being processed. We hope to complete soon.
  • We have had a great response to the Peak Series this year. Please remember to submit your form by the end of November if you have completed 5 or more Peaks Series hikes.
  • KHC will be joining The Santa Claus Parade this year. All members are welcome and there are still spots available to join.
  • KNAAC General Meeting was held November 17th, 2015. Here are some brief notes;
    • Petersen Creek park. There was a discussion to secure trails in Froelek parcel; trails currently accessible by “handshake” agreement such as Billy Miners Trail, also access from Sahali Terrace. A letter will be drawn up to request a meeting with city planners to discuss a merger giving more secure access with the landowners.
    • Dallas-Barnhartvale trails – there has been illegal dumping and lack of clean up. The wetlands committee will continue to plant native shrubs and plants.
    • Valleyview Park – Continued development of sanctioned existing trails.
    • Kenna Cartwright – there has been activity by Suncor (flagging and spray paint) and the city representative is trying to contact Suncor about this. Hydro will be putting in a new substation on existing KFR training grounds. There is a proposal to make a bike trail from Kenna Cartwright to Tobiano – there are many hurdles as there are many private properties that will have to be crossed as well as the railway.
  • FMCBC November E-News is out. You can read it here:

Peak Series Submissions Open


Mt Bowman – One Last Snowshoe peak series event.

You can fill out the submission form by going here:  Peak Series Submission Form .

Submissions will be accepted until Nov 30th.

Thank you to all the hike leaders for organizing and leading the hikes.  You are helping to fuel the elevation addiction in all of us.

More information regarding the Peak Series can be found on the Peak Series page.