New Members

A big welcome to our new members for 2015

  • we now have about 72 new (registered) members
  • most have also paid their fees and completed a waiver so they are good to go!
  • new events are being published each week, so we encourage you to check the website often to book into an event
  • new help files are now available (Menu Bar > Help pages >Website help)
  • new members sometimes find upcoming events full; best advice on successful bookings can be found on the site (Menu Bar > Help pages > Successful Bookings)
  • New events are not posted on any planned schedule; they are posted when a leader plans ahead and enables a proposed event; the best way to book early is to check the website often
  • FMCBC’s Seasonal Newsletter – Cloudburst 2014 Winter (pdf)
  • Calendars are still available – contact John Moslin ( – $15 each or 3 for $40

Mild Weather Hike 024r

Mid-December KHChirps

Some short news items and updates:


  • For 2015, 182 registrations have been received (to date) of which 170 have also paid their fees and 157 have completed waivers.
  • Of the 182 registered, 113 are renewing members and 69 are new members.
  • For members in good standing (registration, fees, completed waiver), renewing members website accounts will be left as is, and new members will have new accounts established and passwords sent by email.
  • For incomplete renewals or incomplete new memberships, accounts will be frozen until all 3 requirements are met (as per Club policy) this month.
  • For additional new memberships, renewals, and incomplete registrations, the registration forms, waivers, etc. will be left on the website until Jan. 31, at which time, memberships will be closed.
  • Please note, the final step in completing the waiver is to click the link in the email you will receive; this confirms that you have used a valid email.   This is explained when you do the waiver and when your receive the email.   If you don’t complete this step, the waiver is not valid and your membership is not yet in good standing.
  • A big welcome to our new members.   Emails will be sent out soon.


  • Most of the 2015 calendars have been sold and distributed, but if you contact John ( quickly, you may be still able to get one.
  • Our thanks to John, Michelle, and Wendy for taking care of the calendar for the Club.


  • Although snowshoeing season has started, warm weather has melted much of the snow, extending the hiking season.   Some of the posted snowshoeing events may turn into hikes until we get another good snowfall.


  • Some of the 2015 events have not yet been enabled for bookings.   This is for several reasons, as follows.
  • First, we want new members (who don’t yet have their accounts) an even chance with renewing members to book into the events.
  • Second, with the unpredictable weather, it is hard to determine whether events will be okay for snowshoeing or should be lower-altitude hikes.   Once the winter weather settles in, event leaders can choose winter snowshoeing locations.
  • Third, some of our more active hike/event leaders are in a “transition” phase right now for a variety of reasons.   More event leaders are needed in this transition phase, so if you can lead an event, please contact a Club Director (list).


  • A new page is now provided – See Events > Meet-Up Locations
  • Did you know that our website gets about 225 visits each day?

Peter Paul 009rframed

KHChirps (Update)

Winter has arrived.   Some short December news items follow:


  • We have about 110 renewal registrations from last year and about 75 new ones.   Most of these have also paid their fees and completed waivers.   All three must be fully completed before the membership for 2015 can be confirmed.
  • From Dave Schmidt (president/membership director) – “Hello Renewing and New Members:  This is a reminder for all new and renewing members to please make sure that:
    1.  Registration forms are submitted (everyone, included returning members) . Any corrections be submitted to
    2. Waivers are completed and confirmation emails answered. Upon completion of your waiver,  a confirmation email is sent to your inbox. A link is provided for you to select; this confirms your email and waiver for us.  Unless it is completed, registration can’t be completed.
    3.  Fees must be paid in full.
    All must be completed to complete your registration;  only completed registrations will be given access to the web site.  If you have any concerns/questions, please feel free to email:
  • The KHC AGM has been tentatively set for March 14 at Barnhartvale Hall.


  • All KHC members are also members of the Federation of Mountain Clubs (website).
  • FMCBC’s November Newsletter.

Peaks Series

  • The deadline for registering the peaks you have bagged is December 15th (link).

Snowshoeing Season

An important note – KHC Snowshoe Outings fall into three broad categories as noted below:

  • Designated snowshoe trails – these are user-pay, owner-maintained trails (Sun Peaks, Stake Lake, Sovereign Lakes, Larch Hills, Skmana Lake, etc).   These are suitable for a wide range of abilities.
  • Local snowed-in trails and tracks – leaders know these routes and the difficulty ranges from easy to more difficult, but most are suitable for members; read the event listing carefully to make sure it is the right one for you
  • Explorations and Summits – these are posted by experienced leaders and may be more difficult and/or off-trail; leaders will be very specific about the requirements and expectations in their event listings
  • All snowshoeing events are subject to weather conditions; check the listing in the last 1-3 days before the event for updates
  • Some events/conditions/routes will be suitable for dogs and some will not; it is up to the leader to determine this
  • Snowshoe outings may vary from large groups and easy…. to small groups and challenging and everything in between;  read the event listing carefully to determine which events are right for you


2014 Photo Calendar

KHC’s annual calendar is now available for sale.

  • $15/each or 3 for $40.
  • Our 12 page, coil bound, premium glossy card stock wall calendar features 13 of our members’ photo images over the past year.  A ‘one of kind’ keepsake to enjoy the whole year through.Makes a great gift idea to give to family and friends for Christmas!” (from Michelle Dressler)
  • the club makes a small profit on the calendars (a fund-raiser for the club)
  •  a few calendars are given as prizes for events/activities too
  • to get a calendar, contact John Moslin –
calendar 1 calendar 2


KHChirps (Update) ❄

A few short mid-November news items:

  • Photo Contest Finalists can now be seen on the website on 4 pages – Landscapes (link), KHCers in the Outdoors (link), Flora and Fauna (link), and KHC (link).
  • Our thanks to Michelle Dressler for designing the calendar.   John Moslin will handle orders and distribution (   Thanks to the photo committee members Lois Hunter, Ranj Woods, and Doug Smith and to the photographers.
  • Welcome to our new members; you will receive your login to the website at the end of December and then you will be able to book into events
  • Hike leaders are aware that new members need an opportunity to book into January events so spaces will be opened in new events or in not-yet-enabled events to accommodate new member-snowshoers in late December-early January
  • Events may seem full, but spaces almost always open up so just check the website on a regular basis
  • Read the event listing carefully to make sure it matches your abilities and interests
  • Registration for the 2015 year will remain open until the end of January (link to the registration page)
  • Peaks Series forms are available to members too (link)
  • All current members can participate in the Website Forums at any time as long as they are logged in
  • How to Dress for Cold Weather Hiking



Short News Items:

  • Membership registration for 2015 is underway and we already have over 100 members (of 200).
  • See below for details.
  • The photo contest judging is underway.   Announcements within about a week.
  • A calendar is planned in time for Christmas gifts.
  • The Peaks Series is over and the form is now available.   See below. 
  • Dave and Wendy are busy processing memberships.   Please remember to thank them.
  • More hike leaders needed.   Let us know if you can help.

2015 Membership

Hi New Members;

As we look ahead to 2015, the Board of Directors would ask that you think about your registration in our club.  We have noticed that quite a few members are not active (some have not even logged in). Since we have a limit to the number of people that can join, we ask that you keep this in mind when registering. We have had active hikers turned away because we are at capacity.

We have been lucky to have support from vendors in providing discounts to members.  As we would like to continue our good relationship with them we ask that returning/ new members respect our participating vendors. Please make sure that you have a photo id and membership card to receive your discount. Please also  be aware that not all items are discounted, since it is at the vendors' discretion.


  • Online Registration: All new and renewing members are required to fill out the online forms.
  • Links:

    Single Membership Couples Membership Family Membership
  • This data collection will facilitate an update to our information database. This is important, as hike leaders need contact information that is up to date.
  • If your contact information has changed after registration  please email  with an update.

In order to get access to the web site and event booking:

1. Fees have to be paid (link)
2. Waiver received
3. Registration information submitted.

We will be using the Smart Waiver system to collect and process waivers. Link to the KHC Online Waiver


  • If couples would like 2 separate logins, we require two separate and distinct email addresses.
  • Our system requires a distinct email address for each user.  Gmail is a good option.


  • We will accept registrations until January 31,  2015 (dependent on capacity). At that time registrations will be closed.
  • Membership cards will be issued at this time and should be arriving to members in the beginning of February 2015.


  • If anyone has not completed the registration (fees, waiver, online form) by January 31, 2015 your membership will not be processed.
  • If you have submitted fees, but have not completed your registration and waiver,  they will be forfeited.
  • A window will be available in spring for further registration. This will occur from May 4, 2015 to May 11, 2015 inclusive. This window will be opened dependent on capacity.
  • Memberships will not be processed after this date.  Any fees submitted without completing registration will be forfeited.
  • There will be no waiting list created for incomplete registrations.


  • Directors and hike leaders WILL NOT  accept membership fees. Payment of fees is the responsibility of renewing/ new members.
  • There are only two ways to make payment; Pay Pal (link)  or mail a cheque to this address:

1287 Lamar Dr.
Kamloops, BC


See you on the trails,

Dave Schmidt, President

Peaks Series 2014

The last hike in the Peaks Series for 2014 is now complete.   Members can now register/count up the number of “bagged peaks.”

  • Information on the Peaks Series (link)
  • Peaks Series Form (link)
  • Anyone who participated in any of these hikes can submit the form
  • Results will be published at the end of the year and decals (or equivalent) will be awarded to participants
  • 27 hikes were included in this year’s series
  • Thanks to Paul Battjes for this idea!


Rainy Daze

Fall rains may affect one of our scheduled events.   Here’s what we do:

  • Leaders will comment to the event listing or contact the participants by email if the weather forecast is poor, usually 2-3 days out from the event date
  • Updates are posted to the event listing, as required
  • For out-of-town events, Leaders may have a Plan B in-town event
  • Leaders usually try to keep the same meet-up spot (for an alternate hike) to avoid confusion
  • Leaders may adjust the cancellation deadline time to as late as 30 minutes before the event if the weather is marginal
  • for participants that go out in events that do proceed, raingear is advised and a change of clothes back at the vehicle
  • some events may be cancelled, but Leaders will attempt to repost the event (in the spring)
  • members are asked to cancel on-line (with thanks)
  • We have relatively few cancellations over the year; we will have had about 140 events this year and have had less than 10 cancellations
  • once the weather turns cold, cold weather may be the limiting factor (we use -12 to -15 as a guideline)

Note - the 2014 Photo Contest ends soon (Nov. 1).   Link

Batchelor Ridge 008c_LocaltoneD. Smith photo


Favorite KHC News

The Board of Directors met this week and discussed Club business.   Some brief highlights are provided here:

  • Online registration for 2015 will be enabled in the first week of November (not Nov. 1)
  • Payment of fees will through Paypal, email, or cheque (mailed).
  • Hike leaders will not be collecting forms or fees in 2015 (with the exception of Guest fees and waivers, which are infrequent).
  • Waivers will be completed on-line at the time of registration.   KHC is working with FMCBC on this initiative.
  • Registration information (including cell phone, emergency contact, email, etc. will be collected only once (with the annual member registration) and provided to hike leaders on a need-to-know-basis, respecting Privacy Laws in B.C. (not multiple times in the year).
  • Members need an email address to have a website account (we can help with this) and need to access their email from time-to-time.
  • KHC fund-raised and added a donation (a total of $200) to the Canadian Wildlife Federation.
  • The Trails Alliance continues to make good progress on the Isobel Lake Low Mobility Project (Isobel Lake 2014 Report).
  • Membership fees will stay the same for 2015, but we will see increases for couple and families in 2016.
  • Expectations for members using Sponsor/Supporter discounts will be clarified better.
  • A first aid session will be planned for hike leaders and interested members.
  • KHC now has 4 sets of radios and a Spot Device.
  • KHC is in a sound financial position.
  • Member registration will be open in November, December, and January.   Current plans are to close registration at the time with a target membership of 200.
  • Membership cards will be mailed to all members (registered/paid/waiver) after Feb. 1st.
  • Potential hike leaders for 2015 are encouraged to review a document on the website – Standard Operating Procedures (link).
  • The website is substantially complete, but refinements will be added as volunteer time permits.   A hosting account has been established for 3 years.
  • A fall social is planned.
  • The photo contest runs from October 1st to November 1st.  More information.
gregs lodgepoleGreg’s photo contest entry – Lodgepole Lake area