Peaks Series 2014

The last hike in the Peaks Series for 2014 is now complete.   Members can now register/count up the number of “bagged peaks.”

  • Information on the Peaks Series (link)
  • Peaks Series Form (link)
  • Anyone who participated in any of these hikes can submit the form
  • Results will be published at the end of the year and decals (or equivalent) will be awarded to participants
  • 27 hikes were included in this year’s series
  • Thanks to Paul Battjes for this idea!


Rainy Daze

Fall rains may affect one of our scheduled events.   Here’s what we do:

  • Leaders will comment to the event listing or contact the participants by email if the weather forecast is poor, usually 2-3 days out from the event date
  • Updates are posted to the event listing, as required
  • For out-of-town events, Leaders may have a Plan B in-town event
  • Leaders usually try to keep the same meet-up spot (for an alternate hike) to avoid confusion
  • Leaders may adjust the cancellation deadline time to as late as 30 minutes before the event if the weather is marginal
  • for participants that go out in events that do proceed, raingear is advised and a change of clothes back at the vehicle
  • some events may be cancelled, but Leaders will attempt to repost the event (in the spring)
  • members are asked to cancel on-line (with thanks)
  • We have relatively few cancellations over the year; we will have had about 140 events this year and have had less than 10 cancellations
  • once the weather turns cold, cold weather may be the limiting factor (we use -12 to -15 as a guideline)

Note - the 2014 Photo Contest ends soon (Nov. 1).   Link

Batchelor Ridge 008c_LocaltoneD. Smith photo


Favorite KHC News

The Board of Directors met this week and discussed Club business.   Some brief highlights are provided here:

  • Online registration for 2015 will be enabled in the first week of November (not Nov. 1)
  • Payment of fees will through Paypal, email, or cheque (mailed).
  • Hike leaders will not be collecting forms or fees in 2015 (with the exception of Guest fees and waivers, which are infrequent).
  • Waivers will be completed on-line at the time of registration.   KHC is working with FMCBC on this initiative.
  • Registration information (including cell phone, emergency contact, email, etc. will be collected only once (with the annual member registration) and provided to hike leaders on a need-to-know-basis, respecting Privacy Laws in B.C. (not multiple times in the year).
  • Members need an email address to have a website account (we can help with this) and need to access their email from time-to-time.
  • KHC fund-raised and added a donation (a total of $200) to the Canadian Wildlife Federation.
  • The Trails Alliance continues to make good progress on the Isobel Lake Low Mobility Project (Isobel Lake 2014 Report).
  • Membership fees will stay the same for 2015, but we will see increases for couple and families in 2016.
  • Expectations for members using Sponsor/Supporter discounts will be clarified better.
  • A first aid session will be planned for hike leaders and interested members.
  • KHC now has 4 sets of radios and a Spot Device.
  • KHC is in a sound financial position.
  • Member registration will be open in November, December, and January.   Current plans are to close registration at the time with a target membership of 200.
  • Membership cards will be mailed to all members (registered/paid/waiver) after Feb. 1st.
  • Potential hike leaders for 2015 are encouraged to review a document on the website – Standard Operating Procedures (link).
  • The website is substantially complete, but refinements will be added as volunteer time permits.   A hosting account has been established for 3 years.
  • A fall social is planned.
  • The photo contest runs from October 1st to November 1st.  More information.
gregs lodgepoleGreg’s photo contest entry – Lodgepole Lake area

October KHChirps

Some October news items:

  • The 2014 KHC Photo Contest has started (link to information)
  • Entries can be seen at a Facebook Group page (link); there are three photo albums displayed at this time; the final deadline is October 31st
  • September’s FMCBC E-news –
  • Members can add comments, news, announcements, and/or photos on the website by adding a Topic to a Forum (or reply to one).   Click on any Forum listed on the left sidebar to see the Topics and the Topic form.
  • KHC will be trying an online waiver for 2015.   This will be available November 1st for the start of membership registration.   More information will be provided at that time.
  • Registration for 2015 will be enabled on the website starting November 1st.   Registration, payment, and waivers will all be available online at that time.
  • For those interested in snowshoeing, more information will be posted in November.   For now, there is a snowshoeing Forum.    Discussion, questions, and replies can be shared by clicking on the word Snowshoeing in the sidebar.
  • We are seeing far less cancellations, which is a good sign.   Although cancellations are sometimes necessary, it is much better for the club to have members who sign up and participate.   KHC is looking for active members and frequent cancellers don’t contribute to the club’s success.
  • Although we have a good number of hike leaders to meet the needs of our stronger hikers, we are always looking for more leaders for the easier hikes.   Contact a Club Director or Hike Leader if you can lead some easy to moderate hikes or snowshoe outings.
  • A new photo slideshow page has been added to the site (Members’ Pages>Photo Feature Page).
michelles cactus

one of Michelle’s entries



(Almost) Fall KHChirps

Fall is just a couple of days away now and the main season of hiking peaks, backpacking, and paddling is winding down.

  • “The Kamloops Thompson Trails Alliance invites all members to a work party, Saturday October 04. We will be doing the annual clean up of the Bushwhacker loop at Stake Lake. This trail is used for off track skiing, snow shoeing, hiking, mountain biking and even horseback riding.  Please contact me at 250 851 3669 or via email if planning to attend. Many hands make light work and a fun time.  Al Michel”
  • fall hikes are posted with more to be added
  • the KHC photo contest runs from Oct. 1 – 31 (link to more information)
  • membership registration for 2015 will be enabled November 1st
  • the Board meets in October to discuss plans for 2015
  • snowshoeing season starts in December, usually by the end of the first week of the month
  • we are expanding our list of Locations on the Locations page with each new event
  • try out the new Forums feature on this website; just click the Forum title and add a topic (or reply to one)
  • one of the greatest values in joining a hiking club is to meet other people with similar interests; members can network with other members to set up their own outings in addition to the ones posted as events

Skoatl Point 009

KHChirps (Updated)

Some short news items:

  • The Board is asking members to respond to a short survey.   KHC Member Survey
  • Roland Neave is hiking all of the trails in his book Exploring Wells Gray Park and has been inviting KHC members to join him.   Here is the plan for the rest of the month – Exploring Wells Gray (pdf).
  • We have redone all user accounts on the website, resulting in new usernames and passwords.   Dave Schmidt has emailed the information to members, but if you have trouble with the login, contact Dave at   Once you have logged in, you can edit your profile (uppermost right) and change your password, add your phone number, upload an avatar, etc.
  • The website assigns you an avatar if you don’t upload your own image.   To add your avatar, Edit Your Profile> Upload Photo (at the bottom).
  • The KHC Photo Contest starts October 1st, 2014.   For details, go to the 2014 Photo Contest page.
  • As fall approaches hike leaders are now posting new events.   Check the website often for an update.  KHC has been gradually moving to more events with smaller groups, although a couple of leaders will lead larger groups.   The best strategy to book a place on a hike is to check the website regularly, comparing posted events to your personal schedule.
  • We have replaced the Member Chat page with a more robust Forum system (link).   Members can add a Topic or Reply to topics.      Recent topics are displayed on the left side (click to read or reply).
  • The website has not yet been optimized for mobile use.   That work is planned for the next few days.

The Short Version

The short version of the status of this website is that it is being rebuilt and all user accounts, events, bookings, and content is being redone.   Many of the main features are now available, but much of the static content is not yet done.   Thanks for your patience while we get this done.

  • leaders will have to repost their events
  • members will have to rebook places on events
  • previous content is not available at this time