Our Favorite Hikes

We asked hike leaders to tell us their favorite local hikes and we will continue to share them with our members and followers.

Lois Hunter – Roderick Haig Brown Trails

My family established strong roots to this park decades ago when we acted as unofficial “friends” of the park by volunteering our time (working alongside Park personnel and serving on the Executive of the Adams River Salmon Society) to protect, preserve, and help maintain the unique nature of this little gem that exists almost literally in our backyard.  In recognition and appreciation of my late husbands’ efforts in this regard; there is a trail within the park that now bears,  his name: “The Phil Rexin Trail.”

Though relatively small compared to other of BC’s Provincial Parks (1076 hectares), its 26 km. trail system offers a rich diversity of year-round activities in addition to bearing witness to one of nature’s most enduring spectacles – that of the spawning salmon.   Within the sanctity of this beautiful little park I have regularly swam, hiked, strolled, snowshoed, biked, cross-country skied, jogged, watched in awe as whitewater rafters and kayakers shoot the rapids in the Gorge, and gazed in humbled wonderment as hundreds upon thousands of spawning salmon complete their life’s journey every fourth year.  It is my “go to” place when I am seeking a sense of peace and well-being and where I can contemplate the miracle of life, struggle, triumph, and regeneration.

Carole Pugle – Mt. Mara

My favorite local hike is the Mara Mountain above the hoodos.   I must do this hike every single year as there is a tree up there that has captured my heart and has given me my love of naked tree.   I went there as a newcomer to the club, and this tree just graces the mountain top overlooking the river and it radiates wisdom…eternal in a way….

Doug Smith – Trophy Range
Although I have been up there in all 4 seasons,  Trophy Meadows greets us with its special display in summer, then the ragged ridges invite us to climb to one of the summits.   We get into the subalpine quickly, then spend much of the day in the alpine.   Fine views in every direction await us.   There are 7 summits to do and I still have 2 more to complete.   I will lead a couple of hikes up there this summer/fall so watch for the listing…

Wells Gray Camp

About 20 KHC members spent the May long weekend camping and hiking in Wells Gray Park.   The main hikes were led by Roland Neave who also brought a wealth of knowledge to each outing.   Katherine Roberts organized the club event.   Our thanks to the leaders and participants for the 2015 Spring Camp.