Peak Season

Lots of events in peak season.   Photos will follow:

  • Trophy 2 (summit) on Saturday ✓
  • Shuswap River paddle on Saturday ✓
  • Blind Bay to White Lake on Saturday ✓
  • Needle Peak on Sunday ✓
  • Mt. Robson Trail – Sunday-Monday
  • North Barriere Lake paddle – Monday ✓
  • Wild Horse Mountain – Wednesday
  • Lake O'Hara Camp – Wednesday through Monday
  • Walloper Lake paddle – Wednesday
  • Guanaco Peak – Friday

KHChirps ☂

Some short late-July news items:

  • FMCBC's July newsletter link –
  • KHC's Guest policy was revised this year.   Information can be found on the Guests page – link
  • KHC currently has 196 members and has no plans for adding new members for 2014.
  • The website uses a menu system with sub-pages appearing when you hover your cursor over the main items listed on the menu bar (try it).
  • We post events in advance but updates are often done closer to the outing and leaders usually post comments to the listing in the last 48 hours.   Be sure to check the listing if you have registered for an event.
  • A few outings are posted only 2-3 days out, so check the website regularly.
  • It is essential that participants register for events that match their fitness levels.   Some leaders plan for two groups, but some do not, so read the listing carefully.   If a hike is long and steep, hikers can be an hour apart, posing all sorts of problems.   KHC offers a wide range of events to meet all fitness levels, so pick the right one for you.
  • We have a new leader who hopes to offer some easier hikes soon.  Watch for the new events.
joffre2 needle1


Hiking Videos and Blogs

Flatiron Mountain (August 20)

Bearcat Caves

Dunn Peak (not yet scheduled for this year)

Yak Peak (Sept. 13)

Dewdrop (hiked earlier in the year)

Guanaco (Aug. 1)

Note – Simon, Christina, Doug, and the Adventure Project are all local outdoors enthusiasts.

KHChirps ☼

Some mid July short news items:

  • Did you know we get about 375 visits each day to our website?
  • We now have 196 members so its important for members to check the site regularly for event postings, to book responsibly, to cancel early to allow openings for others, and to book into events that match fitness levels, group speed, and abilities (read the listing carefully)
  • Please review The Ten Essentials and prepare appropriately for each trip; unpreparedness is unfair to the group
  • The symbol Δ designates hikes that are part of the 2014 Peaks Series (link)
  • Did you know that Transport Canada requires all kayaks to have a tow rope, paddle float, whistle, bailer/pump, and for everyone to wear a PFD? Link for more info.
  • We leave it up to the event leader to pick the group size, including adding more spaces or reducing the group size.   We can always use more hike leaders so contact us if you can help.
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KHChirps ☀

Summer outings are now in full swing:

  • Welcome to new members.   We hope you will join in some of the outings and find them rewarding.
  • Wells Grey Park. If you would like to join Roland Neave, the author of the book “Exploring Wells Grey Park”, for summer weekend hikes all over the park, please contact Clive for more info. You are welcome to stay at his lodge just outside the park free of charge while you are hiking with him. Two of us (KHC members) hiked with him recently and we had a very informative, excellent trip. Over the summer, he plans to hike all 65 trails described in his book and KHC members are invited to join in on any or all the trips. There is no charge for the hike or while staying at his lodge. You must provide your own food and travel.
  • Some of the summer hikes are quite challenging so carefully read the event listing before registering.   This will especially be important if it is a hot day.  Tips on hiking in the heat.
  • A number of our hikes will be offered more than once, each set for a different fitness level.   The faster hikers tend to hike 12 months a year and have a personal program with frequent outdoor activities.  Seasonal hikers can build this endurance base too, but need to be selective in the fitness-building process.
  • Some of our fall events are now enabled for registration, but the starred ones are tentative outings, to be enabled closer to the outing date.  There are also some events listed on the Potential Trips page.
  • Our thanks to the KHC event leaders for their time and leadership.   Please take the time to thank Katherine, Clive, Paul, Susan, John, Carole, Sheila, Doug, and their co-leaders.
hiking gear OprahTrail


KHC Communications

Most of KHC’s information is found on the website in front page posts (news), on website pages (Club information), and in event listings, but we also need to stay in touch with participants, event leaders, and members on a one-to-one basis too:

  • the comments function is used for event-specific discussion
  • most hike leaders will provide updates to the event in the last 48 hours so participants are encouraged to check the listing if they are booked for an event
  • hike leaders may provide their cell phone numbers or email addresses in their listings
  • event leaders have access to email and phone lists on a need-to-know basis, respecting privacy laws (which is why we don’t publish member contact information to the event listing or a page of the website)
  • all members are encouraged to develop informal networks, exchanging email addresses and phone numbers with others, as needed; this is up to individual members and not the responsibility of event leaders or directors
  • we ask participants to keep their email addresses and cell phone numbers up to date by editing their profiles (see the Help page)
  • on occasion, the Club sends out email newsletters that also uses the website registered email address

The very best way to connect is to talk to others while on an event.   See you in the outdoors.


KHChirps ⛺

KHC information is mainly found on this website, but members network online also:

  • Twitter – follow us -  @kamloopshikingc
  • Facebook – the long-running Facebook group – Kamloops Hiking Club - has 539 members and features photos and hiking-related posts
  • Facebook – another Facebook Group – KHC Members (only) – has 60 members (although all KHC members are welcome to join) – this group mostly features post-event photos in albums
  • A few members also have non-KHC networks among friends and like-minded people; one of the advantages of a Club is to meet new people who get out regularly (other outings are regular occurrences, but not listed on the KHC site); get to know the “informal leaders” to find out more.   Some of the these may be posted to the Potential Trips page.
  • FMCBC’s enews link -


KHChirps ☔

Some mid-June short news items:

  • Every year we see some rain-outs in June.  Thanks for everyone’s patience.
  • Mosquito season has arrived.   If you are going into wetter areas, you may want to bring repellant.   In our area, bug season is about June 10 – July 20+ in lower areas and June 15 – July 28 in upper areas, but the dates also depend on the amount of rain at this time of year.
  • Ticks are still out.  Check yourself after each outing.
  • Wildflowers are blooming in the upper areas now too.
  • The floodlands near Tranquille will be accessible for another 2 weeks.   Shortly after that, we will have to launch our boats from Cooney Bay.
  • As the summer heat arrives, take the time to review The Ten Essentials.  
  • Participants are asked to clarify issues with the hike leader, if there are any health, safety, or fitness concerns for the listed outing.
  • Click on the Location link for more information (trailheads, meet-up areas, distances, photos, etc.).
  • Take a turn driving in the carpoools and be prepared to help pay for gas if you are riding in someone else’s vehicle.
  • KHC members are also FMCBC members.   Here is a link to the recent AGM News.
  • Please take time to thank the event leader.   Without leaders stepping forward, there would be no events.   See what you can do to make the outing a positive one for everyone in the group.

Tranquille Bay 002c

Informed Consent

KHC offers hikes, paddles, bikes, snowshoes, and backpacks in the outdoors.   These activities all have some inherent risks, some more than others. but experienced, fit, and well-equipped people can handle most of the events as long as they select carefully.   Event leaders have the obligation to provide the required information and participants have the obligation to read the information carefully and ask questions, if needed.   We operate on the principle of informed consent with all parties having a responsibility to avoid any problems.

Participant’s Responsibilities

  • Carefully read the event listing
  • Register for the event, only after having read the information
  • Register for the event only if fitness, experience, equipment and listed requirements can be met
  • Read and understand KHC’s Guidelines and Expectations; click the checkbox if the expectations are understood
  • Ensure that any sponsored guests can also meet the event’s expectations
  • Comply with KHC’s policies, procedures, and expectations during the event.
  • Communicate with the event leader if staying with the group will be a problem; ensure mutual consent if venturing away from the group (alternate routes, turning back, etc.)

Event Leader’s Responsibilities

  • provide an event listing that lists expectations, possible risks, and requirements (beyond the usual ones faced in the outdoors)
  • communicate with the registrants if there is a question of fitness, health, experience, or preparation; if the leader perceived that the participant can’t meet the expectations, KHC expects the leader to cancel the participant’s booking
  • Ensure that all participants have registered properly (informed consent) and have completed waivers
  • Verbally confirm any expectations or arrangements at the trailhead or meet-up
  • Communicate with participants during the event
  • Communicate and ensure mutual consent is achieved if the participant will not be with the group (alternate route, return early, etc.); KHC expects that any such verbal agreement will be witnessed by other participants

KHC’s Responsibilities

  • Establish policies, procedures, guidelines, and expectations through the Board of Directors; publish these on the Club’s website
  • Communicate and promote understanding of the policies, procedures, guidelines, and expectations through  various means (verbally, email, newsletter, website, etc.)
  • Appoint Director(s) to oversee Risk Management and Event Leadership
  • Develop a registration system that supports KHC’s informed consent principles

June KHChirps

More short news items:

  • Seven KHCers backpacked 42 km over 3 days, with lots of elevation gain/loss.   Well done to Wendy, Helen, Katherine, Clive, Sheila, Paul, and Doug.
  • Welcome back to Peter Frew.   Peter hiked Red Canyon to the Trolls today.
  • Welcome to our newest members.   We now have 192 KHCers.
  • Almost every event that fills up has openings a day before from cancellations, so check the site regularly.
  • Forget your password?   Tell your browser to remember your password for you.
  • The KHC Waiver is found on 4 pages on the website – KHC Membership page, New Members page, Guests page, and KHC Guidelines and Expectations page.   Hove your cursor over any of the menu items to see sub-menu pages.
  • Our Summer FMCBC Cloudburst newsletter – Cloudburst-2014-Summer
  • New events are being posted each week.   Stay in touch!

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