Some short news items (newer items in italics):

  • Check out our Feature PageKHC in the Subway
  • We have revised our Guest policy procedure – details here.
  • Some people were having trouble logging in to the website after we put some security measures in place.  This was a problem with their browser security settings.   Generally speaking Firefox and Chrome work better, but anyone with multiple layers of security may have had some problems logging in.   We have removed one of the security layers to help out.   If you are still having problems let us know ([email protected]).  
  • The Events system sends our confirmation emails and reminder emails.   These have been further customized in support of both event leaders and participants.
  • KHC Members are Members-in-good-standing if they have completed their registration, online waiver, and paid their fees.   These members are not Active, though, until they have booked into and participated in an event.
  • New Events are posted each week.  They are posted when hike leaders  come forward with a date and location.   The best way to see these early is to check each day.
  • The KHC AGM is scheduled for March 8th.   More details tba.
  • The Peaks Series is underway for 2015 (more information).
  • Snowshoeing Season will run until about the end of March, but hiking events will also start in March.
  • Paddling and biking will start in April.   Backpacking starts in May this year.   These will all be posted as Events by our Leaders.
  • See you on the trails.
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(Ed Hennan photo)

KHC Website

The KHC website is our main communications tool:

  • We get about 450 visits every day.
  • We have 187 users/subscribers/members.
  • 102 people subscribe to new website posts by email.
  • The new website was installed this fall and we have had 567 comments posted by members in 4 months.
  • New Events are featured on the right sidebar, but can also be seen on a Calendar Page (link).
  • About 170 events were posted to the website in 2014.   We are on track for about 180 in 2015.
  • Forums/discussions are available on the website for general discussion items among registered members.
  • Logins are now encrypted/secured to prevent hacking of user accounts/information.   Thanks to Jeremy Markel for his help with this.
  • The website has 33 published pages of information.   Another 8 pages are publishable when needed (registration, photo contest, features).
  • The website is run by a volunteer webmaster, with help as needed.
  • KHC has opted for an online events-bookings-emails system called Events Manager.   This plugin has been configured to assist Hike Leaders and participants with an easy access system that reduces the extra work for organizers who already have their hands full with leading outings.   Other Clubs use email systems, newsletters, calendar postings, phone, or meet-ups.   KHC Members have to “learn the ropes” of the website and the Events Manager system to maximize their membership value, but the system is easy to learn with a bit of effort.   Help is always available on request.
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Sam Chow photo

KHChirps for 2015

Some short mid-January news items:

  • As predicted, the Club filled up for 2015 ahead of schedule
  • New registrations for 2015 are now closed
  • We have 196 fully paid members and only a small handful of people to complete fees or waivers by Jan. 31
  • A big thank you to Dave Schmidt and Wendy Kineshanko for all of their work on registration and fees.
  • Although there was a bit of a “logjam” for the start of January, new events are being posted for both new and renewing members; Info on Successful Booking Practices
  • KHC would like to welcome new event leaders – Lois and Ed Hunter, Marty Hall, and Anthony Stahn; anyone interested in becoming an event leader should contact a Director (link)
  • Snowshoe events are being offered each week and more will be posted over the winter
  • See you on the trails!

Some member notes:

  • Everyone must be registered to participate; no exceptions; this is done in the interests of fairness to event leaders and to all members who follow the guidelines, to comply with insurance requirements, and in accordance with KHC policies
  • Please be “scent-sensitive” on the trails; when we follow closely behind someone else on a snowshoe, we affect others who follow


Some short January news items:

  • With the big snowfall, snowshoe events are well-underway.  As roads are cleared, new events can be posted.
  • KHC is winding down its membership drive for 2015.   As of Jan. 6th, 203 people have registered.   About 185 of those are members-in-good-standing, that is, they have registered, paid fees, and completed the required waiver.   Those members now have a site account and may participate in Club events.
  • Of the 18 or so who have not completed waivers or paid fees, the final deadline for doing so is January 31 st.   If we reach 200 members in good standing before Jan. 31, we will close down all registration processes for the year sooner.
  • KHC could probably grow to 300 members or more, but the goal is to balance the number of event places with the number of interested members.   There is no point being a bigger club if there are not enough events to support them.   As our leadership grows, the Board can re-examine this goal.
  • Many photos from Club events are posted to Facebook in 2 groups – Kamloops Hiking Club and KHC Members (Only).
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KHC 2015 Events

With 70+ new members, there is now some pressure to have more spaces on Club events.   Club Directors and Leaders are aware of this, but new Events are still a matter of a volunteer stepping forward with his/her time to organize and lead the outing.   Some notes for those looking to book into a hike or snowshoe:

  • There will always be a bit of a “logjam” at the start of January since events posted in December may have been first booked by renewing members.   This logjam disappears after a couple of weeks.
  • The least likely time to be able to book into an opening is about a week out.   Events have openings early and late (but not in between for weekend events).   If you have missed booking into an event, watch the event over the last two days for cancellations.
  • There is no waiting list system.
  • Members can comment about their interest if they choose to.   This simply informs KHC leaders that there is lots of interest.   Another leader may post a second event or the leader may choose to open more spaces, but neither is guaranteed.   Hike Leaders will not be contacting the commenters about cancellations.  
  • Most Event Leaders prefer to keep the event group smaller for a number of reasons (group dynamics, keeping track of everyone, impact on the trails, increased responsibilities, more variables, etc.).
  • New Events are posted at any time.   The best way to book early into an event is to check regularly.    Some long-term members check every day.
  • KHC would like to avoid the book early-cancel late syndrome.   Book if you plan to attend (not “just in case”) and if you have to cancel, do this early so someone else can book a place.  To cancel, go to the My Bookings page.
  • KHC believes in positive and supportive communications and asks all members to support this goal.

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Transition Time

As 2014 closes, we can look back and ahead to 2015

  • about 170 event-days were scheduled in the last year
  • A small number of events were cancelled for rain, cold weather, and unforeseen circumstances, but 93% of scheduled/booked events were completed
  • The club had 201 members in 2014, of which about 55% of those were active participants.
  • A number of camps and backpacks were successful events in 2014 and more are planned for 2015.
  • The Peaks Series was successful in its first year.
  • KHC included a number of snowshoeing, paddling, and cycling events over the year.
  • The Board of Directors was active this year and a number of initiatives were completed – a shared membership database, online waivers, online registration systems, adjusted insurance coverage, standard operating procedures, a new website, revised event templates, recruitment of more event leaders, added safety equipment, more benefits for members, a photo contest and calendar, social events, and improved communications.
  • An AGM is scheduled for March and members are invited to participate.
  • We start 2015 with about 170 full members, with another 25 or so that still need to complete their fees or waivers.   Registration will close January 31st.
  • About 70 new members are signed up and have begun to register for events already.
  • January events are already scheduled and February and March events are being added as event leader confirm their personal schedules.
  • Some backpacking and camps are in early planning stages.
  • Recruitment of more event leaders will remain an important goal for 2015.
  • For the most part, the successful plan for offering lots of events for Club members will be the ongoing plan for 2015.

New Members

A big welcome to our new members for 2015

  • we now have about 72 new (registered) members
  • most have also paid their fees and completed a waiver so they are good to go!
  • new events are being published each week, so we encourage you to check the website often to book into an event
  • new help files are now available (Menu Bar > Help pages >Website help)
  • new members sometimes find upcoming events full; best advice on successful bookings can be found on the site (Menu Bar > Help pages > Successful Bookings)
  • New events are not posted on any planned schedule; they are posted when a leader plans ahead and enables a proposed event; the best way to book early is to check the website often
  • FMCBC’s Seasonal Newsletter – Cloudburst 2014 Winter (pdf)
  • Calendars are still available – contact John Moslin ([email protected]) – $15 each or 3 for $40

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Mid-December KHChirps

Some short news items and updates:


  • For 2015, 182 registrations have been received (to date) of which 170 have also paid their fees and 157 have completed waivers.
  • Of the 182 registered, 113 are renewing members and 69 are new members.
  • For members in good standing (registration, fees, completed waiver), renewing members website accounts will be left as is, and new members will have new accounts established and passwords sent by email.
  • For incomplete renewals or incomplete new memberships, accounts will be frozen until all 3 requirements are met (as per Club policy) this month.
  • For additional new memberships, renewals, and incomplete registrations, the registration forms, waivers, etc. will be left on the website until Jan. 31, at which time, memberships will be closed.
  • Please note, the final step in completing the waiver is to click the link in the email you will receive; this confirms that you have used a valid email.   This is explained when you do the waiver and when your receive the email.   If you don’t complete this step, the waiver is not valid and your membership is not yet in good standing.
  • A big welcome to our new members.   Emails will be sent out soon.


  • Most of the 2015 calendars have been sold and distributed, but if you contact John ([email protected]) quickly, you may be still able to get one.
  • Our thanks to John, Michelle, and Wendy for taking care of the calendar for the Club.


  • Although snowshoeing season has started, warm weather has melted much of the snow, extending the hiking season.   Some of the posted snowshoeing events may turn into hikes until we get another good snowfall.


  • Some of the 2015 events have not yet been enabled for bookings.   This is for several reasons, as follows.
  • First, we want new members (who don’t yet have their accounts) an even chance with renewing members to book into the events.
  • Second, with the unpredictable weather, it is hard to determine whether events will be okay for snowshoeing or should be lower-altitude hikes.   Once the winter weather settles in, event leaders can choose winter snowshoeing locations.
  • Third, some of our more active hike/event leaders are in a “transition” phase right now for a variety of reasons.   More event leaders are needed in this transition phase, so if you can lead an event, please contact a Club Director (list).


  • A new page is now provided – See Events > Meet-Up Locations
  • Did you know that our website gets about 225 visits each day?

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KHChirps (Update)

Winter has arrived.   Some short December news items follow:


  • We have about 110 renewal registrations from last year and about 75 new ones.   Most of these have also paid their fees and completed waivers.   All three must be fully completed before the membership for 2015 can be confirmed.
  • From Dave Schmidt (president/membership director) – “Hello Renewing and New Members:  This is a reminder for all new and renewing members to please make sure that:
    1.  Registration forms are submitted (everyone, included returning members) . Any corrections be submitted to
    2. Waivers are completed and confirmation emails answered. Upon completion of your waiver,  a confirmation email is sent to your inbox. A link is provided for you to select; this confirms your email and waiver for us.  Unless it is completed, registration can’t be completed.
    3.  Fees must be paid in full.
    All must be completed to complete your registration;  only completed registrations will be given access to the web site.  If you have any concerns/questions, please feel free to email:
  • The KHC AGM has been tentatively set for March 14 at Barnhartvale Hall.


  • All KHC members are also members of the Federation of Mountain Clubs (website).
  • FMCBC’s November Newsletter.

Peaks Series

  • The deadline for registering the peaks you have bagged is December 15th (link).

Snowshoeing Season

An important note – KHC Snowshoe Outings fall into three broad categories as noted below:

  • Designated snowshoe trails – these are user-pay, owner-maintained trails (Sun Peaks, Stake Lake, Sovereign Lakes, Larch Hills, Skmana Lake, etc).   These are suitable for a wide range of abilities.
  • Local snowed-in trails and tracks – leaders know these routes and the difficulty ranges from easy to more difficult, but most are suitable for members; read the event listing carefully to make sure it is the right one for you
  • Explorations and Summits – these are posted by experienced leaders and may be more difficult and/or off-trail; leaders will be very specific about the requirements and expectations in their event listings
  • All snowshoeing events are subject to weather conditions; check the listing in the last 1-3 days before the event for updates
  • Some events/conditions/routes will be suitable for dogs and some will not; it is up to the leader to determine this
  • Snowshoe outings may vary from large groups and easy…. to small groups and challenging and everything in between;  read the event listing carefully to determine which events are right for you


2014 Photo Calendar

KHC’s annual calendar is now available for sale.

  • $15/each or 3 for $40.
  • Our 12 page, coil bound, premium glossy card stock wall calendar features 13 of our members’ photo images over the past year.  A ‘one of kind’ keepsake to enjoy the whole year through.Makes a great gift idea to give to family and friends for Christmas!” (from Michelle Dressler)
  • the club makes a small profit on the calendars (a fund-raiser for the club)
  •  a few calendars are given as prizes for events/activities too
  • to get a calendar, contact John Moslin – [email protected]
calendar 1 calendar 2