About Us

Kamloops Hiking Club is an outdoor club that organizes hiking, snowshoeing, and backpacking events for its members.    All events are organized by volunteer hike leaders who plan and lead events.

The Club also offers some kayaking, running, and cycling events, but mainly focuses on hiking and snowshoeing.   Special events are also offered where volunteers can be found to lead them.

The Club is a registered, not-for-profit volunteer-run organization.   A volunteer Board of Directors is elected each year at the spring AGM to oversee the Club’s operations and works to meet its goals.   A website is used to coordinate all of the activity,  with over 200 events on the KHC calendar.

With a limited number of volunteer hike leaders/organizers and the goal of keeping the group size manageable, the challenge is to offer enough event spaces for our members.   The Board monitors event registration to try to balance the number of members to the number of events/spaces offered.   The Board closes registration for new members once that balance has been reached.

Events are posted when a hike leader selects a date and publishes an outdoor event.   There is always more demand for weekend moderate hikes, but in peak season, the number of volunteer leaders the Club has limits how many events can be offered so members have to be diligent about watching for new postings or cancellations.     With a volunteer-driven organization, there can be no guarantees that a particular day will have openings for a hike.    Over the whole year, 250 members fill about 2000 event spaces so KHC offers a comprehensive program for its members.

Here is how it all works:

  • There is an annual registration process – a form, a payment, and a waiver – all are required
  • Once complete, the registrar and webmaster create a website account for you and will email you the required information.   You have to remember your login and password.
  • Once you login to the website, you can edit your profile (upper right corner), you can see more information on the website than the public can, you can register for events, you can comment to the event, you can cancel your booking, and you can participate in discussions.
  • You can subscribe to the weekly newsletter (see the bottom of the website).
  • Draft Events are planned, but not yet enabled for registration.   Hike leaders enable them for registration in the last month before the proposed date when they choose to do so.
  • Events that are open for registration will not have a Draft Event category and when you click on the event page, information on the event is provided (read carefully) and a registration button is available.   Click to register and you will receive a confirmation email.
  • You can cancel at any time (within about 2 hours to the meet-up time) by going to the Your Bookings Page.
  • A meet-up location and time are provided so make sure you are there on time (early is better).   The exact spot is provided on the event listing, but is also provided here.
  • No shows are a “no-go.”   It is respectful to cancel on-line, to contact the event organizer, and to comment to the event listing.
  • We usually carpool to the trailhead and riders are expected to pay for some of the traveling costs.
  • Hike leaders are volunteer organizers, not trained guides nor First Responders.   Each person is expected to follow guidelines and expectations and be part of the safety program for the entire group.
  • All of our events are run by volunteers so we ask all participants to be positive and supportive.   A simple thanks goes a long way.
  • We limit Guests to keep those spaces open for our members, but if there is an opening, Guests are welcome, but they must register, do the waiver (no exceptions), and pay a small fee (as part of the insurance costs).
  • KHC offers events over a wide spectrum – special events, easy hikes, hikes on established trails, hikes off trail, hikes with scrambling, alpine summit hikes or scrambles, backpacking, camping and hiking get-aways, some paddling on rivers and lakes, some cycling on roads and easy trails, some trail running, snowshoeing (easy to hard), and social events.   Most members are interested in warm season hiking so that is our central focus.


There is lots of information on the website: