KHC organizes seasonal group paddling outings that generally fall into two categories:

1. recreational paddling for kayaks and canoes in flatwater conditions
2. paddling on rivers, larger lakes, and the ocean for experienced paddlers who have seaworthy kayaks
The Downriver Paddling Series

For all outings, Transport Canada safety regulations apply:

Mandatory Kayak and Canoe Safety Gear (link)
Kayak Safety Guide (link)

In addition, the following expectations apply:

– some knowledge of self-rescue is expected
– all participants will stay in sight and earshot and will communicate with the leader if going out of sight
– participants must be able to handle their own boats, as required
– KHC does not supply boats for outings
– the start time is the time on water, not the arrival time
– participants are expected to bring all needed items for outings
– leaders have the right to refuse to take any member who is not adequately prepared or experienced for that outing

KHC appoints a committee each year to oversee posted kayak outings.   He/she discusses potential outings with paddle leaders, as required and reports any issues to the Board.   For 2015- 2016, Doug Smith and Greg Arvidson  advise the Board on paddling.

Here are the upcoming events: