Hand-Held Radios

There are three types of radios that may be used by KHC Leaders:

General Guidelines

Hand-held radios (General Mobile Radio Service) are useful tools for managing a group while on an outing, especially for larger groups, groups a wide range of fitness and ability, or any event that has some risks or complexities.
Hand-held units come with chargers and units need to be charged before use in the field. Some units may have vehicle chargers.
KHC has an inventory of two-way radios for use by hike leaders. Any leader requiring radios should contact a senior leader or Club Director.
Two-way radios have a range that will be suitable for KHC events, but they don’t work in deep gullies or through ridges, etc. They are generally “line-of sight radios.”

Two-Way Radio Channels

Channel 1 is a designated emergency channel.
Channel 19 and 21 are reserved for Border Services only.
Channel 20 is another emergency channel for travelers
KHC usually uses Channel 16 to avoid other area users.

VHF Radios

These must be licensed and there is an annual fee through (info)
Used by trucks, logging trucks, boats, industry, transportation, aviation
Useful for talking to logging operations on Resource Roads/backroads
Must be tuned to the area’s designated frequency
The Club does not own any of these but a couple of members do


Using a Two Radio Radio (Radio Etiquette)
Turn on the unit (right side) and set the volume for about half way
The On dial and volume are the same
Adjust the channel dial (or buttons) to Channel 16 and make sure all units are on the same channel
Push the PTT (Push to talk) button to talk and release the button to listen
Some units have a call button – push to call the other unit(s)
Most units have other functions like high/low power, mode, lock/enter, etc. but most users do not need these for basic use
User manuals do specify how each of these functions work; to find the user manual, go to a web browser and do a search by make and model

Users Manuals (check the model number on the unit)

Uniden GMR 3740