Batchelor Hills Trails


Batchelor Hills


Lac du Bois Grasslands Provincial Park (north of Kamloops)

Road Access

Lac du Bois Road (paved, then good gravel)

Trailheads/Driving Directions:

Using the cattle guard at the end of the Batchelor Hills subdivision (by the parking area) as the starting point, there are 3 main trailhead areas.

Trailhead #1

  • At 0.7 km ahead there is a parking area on the left.   Park just inside the fenceline.   The trails start on the right side.   Watch for the signage.

TH 1 LdB

Trailhead #2

  • At the 2.0 km mark (3km sign), turn left and park somewhere on this side road.
  • Trails meet at the fenceline there.   The best trails go west, avoiding the steep hills on the north side.
  • Loops can be done in this area.  The actual trailhead is N50 43.440 W120 24.128.

TH 2 LdB

Trailhead #3

  • At the 3.3 km past the cattleguard (past the 4km sign), there is a sideroad on the left.   Turn there, parking at the end of the short road.
  • Trails start on the other side of the gate.
  • N50 44.260 W120 24.565

TH3 ldB


There are some double track trails that we have been hiking for decades, but the mountain bike community has taken over this area and has created a network of single track trails.   Their maps show the new trails, but there are more routes for hikers.

Meet-up Spot

Batchelor Hills meet-up

Optimal Group Size

Smaller groups for single track trails; double track trails can accommodate larger groups, but in biking season, this may not be advisable


3.5 seasons.   This is the first area to dry-out in late winter.

Seasonal Notes


Depending on the route chosen, the distance can be from 5 km to 12 km.


Mostly moderate trails.


Some hills, but no long climbs.


1 hour to 2.5 hours.

Fitness Requirements

Average fitness requirements


Ok for dogs in the shoulder season but in mountain biking season this may not work out.

Trail Info

Single tracks and double tracks on the dirt.   No shade.  Very good for shoulder season hikes.

General Notes

Tick season is the end of February to June.

Avoid hiker – biker conflicts by scheduling in non-prime times.