Buse Hill

Buse Hill


  • Robbins Range, Barnhartvale (30 minutes east)

Road Access

  • Highway 1 East > Barnhartvale Road > Robbins Range Road > stay left at the Campbell Range Road junction and continue for 5.25 km


  • park on the left at the foot of the hill near a posted sign
  • the lower end of the trail is actually on private property with permission from the owners, Buse Creek Ranch
  • stay on the double track road for the hike through the lower slopes
  • coordinates – N50 W120 35.978 W120 02.227

Meet-up Spot

  • a good meet-up spot is Valleyview Arena
  • an alternate meet-up is near Market Fresh Foods
  • Meet-up locations information

Optimal Group Size

  • this is an easy route to lead so it is really up to the hike leader
  • there are cliffs all along the top so too large a group or too many dogs will not be as safe


  • 3 seasons access

Seasonal Notes

  • a good route in 3 seasons
  • winter is possible but road conditions may prohibit access


  • 3 km return with one good hill up to the top


  • moderate


  • 178 m (600 ft)  in 1.3 km


  • about 1.5 hours

Fitness Requirements

  • suitable for all KHC members


  • since the lower end is private property, dogs should be on leash
  • the upper end is in the provincial park

Trail Info

  • the trail climbs open grass slopes on a double track
  • the track splits, but either route is fine and this also makes a good loop on top
  • there is also a trail over to the pinnacle to the northwest
  • the edge drops off 430m so hikers should show caution near the edge
  • the actual summit of Buse Hill is to the east, but the views there aren’t as good and there would be a fence to climb so it is not advisable


General Notes


  • Kamloops Trails – Buse Hill (2010)
  • Kamloops Trails – Buse Hill (2017)
  • BC Parks – Buse Lake Protected Area
  • Trail Peak – Mt. Buse
  • If you see someone from Buse Creek Ranch, be sure to thank them for the access route to the top of Buse Hill
  • complied by D. Smith; send updates and corrections to dsmith@kamloopshikingclub.net