Deep Lake Trail

Deep Lake


At the end of Ida Lane in Westsyde

Road Access/Parking

  • Parking is now limited to a couple of spots on Ida Lake before the new subdivision, which is fine on weekdays, but on weekends, get an early start or park at Westsyde Shopping Center and walk up.


  • the original trail started at the upper end of Ida Lane and that is still the best known route
  • there is also a parallel trail that starts at the water tower and goes up the west side of the gully
  • a new trail starts down at the parking area and bears west up to the fibre optic line, connecting back to Deep Lake; this is a good route
  • the Grasslands Community Trail also links up at Deep Lake













Meet-up Spot

  • Westsyde Shopping Center

Optimal Group Size

  • the group size will be limited to the number of vehicles and parking availability


  • 3 seasons

Seasonal Notes

  • not many trees so it is better in spring or fall
  • ticks are out in the grasslands in the spring
  • both cougars and bears have been spotted in this area


  • from the parking area to Deep Lake and back is about km
  • the hike can also go up the Grasslands Community Trail to add more distance


  • moderate


  • although there are some short steep sections, the overall climb is moderate


  • 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours depending on the route chosen

Fitness Requirements

  • a good route for most hikers


  • generally a good area for dogs but much of the hike is in a provincial park so bring a leash

Trail Info

  • the trail from the parking area up Ida Lane and to Deep Lake and back is about 4 km
  • the new trail that bears west is longer and will be about 5.5 km, depending on the route chosen to come back; some navigation will be needed
  • there is also a loop around the hill to the east of Deep Lake and that loop is about 6.5 km; this route splits off to the right at the base of the hill just before Deep Lake
  • since the area is so open, it is hard to get lost

General Notes

  • because of the parking issues, this is not a good hike for prime time on a weekend
  • fall colors make this a good hike in October
  • the Deep Lake Loop route is a pleasant alternative


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