Getting Started as a New Hike Leader

Thanks for stepping forward to lead hikes with KHC!   We hope you will find it rewarding and challenging.

  1. Contact a member of the Board of Directors to express your interest! (link).
  2. The Board will assign a Hike leader to work with you as a mentor and supporter.
  3. Your rights for the website will be adjusted.   An email will explain the details to you.
  4. With your new rights, you can now post events.   If you are good with computers, this is just a matter of logging in, then in the black bar at the top, click New, then Event.   From there, you can edit the event and publish it.   Please ask for help if you need it.   It would be a good practice to save the event – Save draft, then preview before publishing.   For your first few events, ask a mentor to review it for you.
  5. If computers are a challenge for you, we have a form to fill out instead.   Your mentor/administrator can publish this for you after reviewing it.   It will be important for you to email the reviewer in advance so he/she will be ready for your submission in a timely fashion.
  6. We have prepared 12 hikes for new hike leaders that are easier to organize and lead.  Details are on the Hike Leaders Help page.
  7. Continue to work with your mentor/contact to deal with the issues that arise.   Please ask for help when you need it.

KHC is fully committed to supporting our Volunteer Hike Leaders so please stay in touch with us as we work out both opportunities and challenges!