KHC Hike Leaders Newsletter – July, 2017

Thanks for checking out our Hike Leaders Newsletter.    We hope you will find it informative.

New Hike Leaders

It is a Club goal to develop more hike leaders for the future.   To this end,  a number of steps are being taken:

  • KHC Newsletter – we have 151 subscribers so we hope one of them will come forward when we put out an invitation
  • We have developed some materials for new leaders – information on specific hikes, new images, maps, and a form that can be used instead of having to draft an event from scratch.   All of this can be seen in the New Leaders Resources section on the Hike Leaders Page.
  • We are offering new hike leaders a mentor for their first year.   Let us know if you are willing to be a mentor.
  • We added the category of Hike Co-leader for members who want to help out but don’t want to take the next step (info).
  • Your help in recruiting new hike leaders is requested.
Media Library

We have been adding images to the website since 2014, but it was up to each person to upload their own images for their own use.   In all there are 1167 items ready for use, but up to now we have not been sharing and making images accessible to all hike leaders.   Here is what we have done to help out.

  • Many of the shareable/useable images have been tagged for easier searching.
  • The Board has approved a policy for making all media library images available to all hike leaders, but noted that we should credit the owner of the image in the event listing (more information).   This page also has the How-to steps.
  • We will be adding more images over time, at least one for each hike we do.
photo by Sam Chow
Fall Get-Together

We have been hosting a Fall Get-Together each year and this year the event will be held to celebrate our Hike Leaders.   No date has been established yet but it will be in a hall and we will be asking our members to come out and thank the 2017 Hike leaders.   There will be food, prizes, some sharing of photos, and I am sure we will be swapping stories from this year’s adventures.

Event Difficulty Ratings

The Board has approved a new rating system for our events, the same one used for cross country skiing, mountain biking, downhills skiing, etc.   The green circle, blue square, and black diamond system will be used when an event is displayed in widgets.   Two symbols can be used (ie green circle + blue square) to show moderate, for example.   The event template will be tweaked and widget code adjusted this summer.   Our thanks to Anthony for making this work.

KHC Activities
  • KHC is insured to offer the activities that we have registered with our insurer.   If we choose to offer an activity that is not “on the list, ” there could be legal complications in the event of an accident or incident.
  • In addition, the Board has agreed that any activity that has not been posted/organized for a year will come off the list (ie nordic skiing and mountain biking).   The goal here is to have the Club focus on its core activities – hiking-related outings, snowshoeing, and paddling.     [More information]