Dallas – Barnhartvale Park Trails

Dallas – Barnhartvale Nature Park


  • Barnhartvale and Dallas, east of town

Road Access/Parking

  • the main trailhead is at a parking lot at the end of Eliza Road.   Follow Barnhartvale Road past Blackwell Road, then turn left onto Eliza Road.
  • there is also a lower parking area for the Pussywillow Lane trail.   Follow Dallas Drive and turn right on Mountview Road and park at the end.


  • there is  posted sign and map at the Eliza Road parking area
  • these are horse and hiker trails so trails have horseshoe-shaped signs on the trails; some of the trails also have named trails

Meet-up Spot

  • meet up at Valleyview Arena meet-up area or at Market Fresh Foods

Optimal Group Size

  • these are moderate trails suitable to most hikers so a good group size is 6 – 15


  • 4 seasons of hiking in this area except after a large snowfall
  • a good choice for an after-work hike

Seasonal Notes

  • a good choice for shoulder season


  • interconnected trails can be combined to make routes from 2 km to 10km


  • mostly moderate trails
  • the trail to the bottom (Pussywillow Lane) will be longer and steeper


  • moderate hill climbing


  • 1 to 2.5 hours, depending on the route chosen

Fitness Requirements

  • suitable for most hikers


  • a good area for dogs

Trail Info










General Notes

  • For a first hike, leaders can start at Eliza Road and follow the Benchland Trail down to the viewpoint overlooking the river, then come back up by the Ranger Bob Loop
  • Another good route is start at the bottom and hike up the Pussywillow Trail over to the Blackwell Trails and make a loop back.   This route is not as easy to follow so a scouting trip may be needed (or carry a map)


  • Trail map (PDF)
  • compiled by D. Smith; send updates and corrections to dsmith@kamloopshikingclub.net