Images for Events

The Board has agreed that images are helpful in supporting events, giving them a professional look, so some steps were taken to support the goal of having images associated with each event.

  • Hike leaders are encouraged to add a Featured Image (right side of the edit screen – Click Set Featured Image).
  • Images can be selected from the media library or can be uploaded by the hike leader.
  • Admin is encouraged to add an image for any event that does not have an image.
  • Photos in the Media Library are considered Shareable if left in the Media Library once the event is over.   Any leader who does not want to share their image can delete it from the library (Dashboard > Media > Library > find the image and click on it > delete).
  • Any leader who wishes to use an image uploaded by another leader should credit the photographer in the listing, if the information is available.
  • Information on images can be found by clicking on the image in the media library.
  • Key words (tags) have been added to many of the images so the Search Media Items bar can be used to find a photo

For example -if you wanted a photo of Deep Lake for your event, follow these steps:

  1. Start a new event (New > Event)
  2. When ready, click Set Featured Image (right side)
  3. Click Media Library
  4. Click Search Media Items (top right)
  5. Type Deep Lake
  6. Images are shown – pick one and click it
  7. On the right you will see more information (title, caption, description, uploaded by)
  8. If you like the photo, click Set Featured Image
  9. Add a short comment to the body of your event listing saying something like “photo by….”
  10. Save your event

Images can also be embedded into the body of the event description by clicking a spot in your post and then clicking Add Media (top left).   Follow much the same steps.

Over time, the goal is to have at least one image for every Hike Location that KHC goes to so that hike leaders will have a library of images to draw on.

July 4, 2017/das