Isobel Lake Trail


Isobel Lake


North of Kamloops

Road Access – Follow the Lac du Bois Road to McQueen Lake and turn right.   Pass the McQueen Lake Environmental Education Center entrance and continue on the road for 4 km (follow the signs).


The main trail goes around the lake so any point on the trail (next to the road) is fine, but most people follow the road to the end and park.


Go through the Rec site and park at the end of the road.

Meet-up Spot

Batchelor Hills meet-up spot

Optimal Group Size

Since it is a loop, any groups size will work.


3 seasons.   In winter, the road may not be open.

Seasonal Notes

Snow lasts until mid- March (or later).   Mosquito season is in June.


The lake loop is about 3 km.   An out and back trail to a viewpoint is the Eagles Eyrie Trail (about 1.4 km return).   An old trail also goes to McQueen Lake (Forest Capital Trail) but it is now hard to find.




Minimal climb unless you add the Eagles Eyrie Trail which is moderate


About 1 hour

Fitness Requirements

Suitable for all hikers


Suitable for dogs but bring a leash since there are campers and other walkers on the trails

Trail Info

A pleasant trail in spring, summer, and fall, suitable for families.



  • Isobel Lake Rec Site – link
  • There are a few images in the Media library.  Use the search term Isobel.
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