Successful Bookings

Renewing members already “know the ropes”, but new members sometimes struggle with finding events to match their timetable, ability level, fitness, and current conditions.   Some strategies and practices are provided here to help out.

Fully-Booked Events

  • seasoned members book into events early
  • waiting until a week out usually means the event is already full
  • there are always cancellations and openings in the last 48 hours so this is the best strategy to join in on a full event
  • there is no wait list system and hike leaders usually do not contact unregistered participants (this is too much work!)
  • Comments can be added, but usually do not result in a follow-up by the event leader; it is the member’s responsibility to watch for openings

New Events

  • KHC has no scheduled program for posting new events
  • Hike Leaders just pick a date and post the event to the website
  • To watch for new events, just go the website often

Event Difficulties

  • Events range from Easy to Very Difficult
  • It is very important for members to book into events that match their abilities and fitness levels
  • The event leader will be very specific about expectations and challenges
  • Contact the event leader if you are not sure
  • It is unsafe, impractical, and unworkable to have one or two persons on an event that fall far behind the group (or go too far ahead)
  • Event leaders have the right to refuse bookings that don’t match the event profile

Event Duration

  • Leaders estimate the total time for the event, but these will vary with traveling time, conditions, route choices, group dynamics, and unforeseen occurrences
  • if you have a deadline to get back to, please read the listing carefully
  • the more distant and the more difficult an event is, the more variance there will be in finishing time

Booking In Guests

  • Members may bring Guests, following KHC’s Guest policy (please review the Guests page on the website)
  • Guest also need to register on the website – link
  • On the booking form, book 2 places instead of 1 place
  • if there is an issue, contact the event leader
  • event leaders can allow guests or not, depending on the demand for spaces, the difficulty of the route, etc.
  • If members have already booked and want to add another member or a guest, cancel the booking and rebook
  • the booking member is fully responsible for collecting and passing on the waiver and guest fee to the event leader (no waiver, no participation)
  • the booking member is also responsible to ensure that the Guest understands the Guidelines and Expectations for the event.

Booking In Minors

  • Some events are well-suited for minors and some are not
  • Check the event listing for more information
  • Contact the Event Leader if clarification is needed
  • KHC’s policy on Minors is clearly explained on the KHC and Minors Page
  • Book 2 places to bring a minor on an event
  • Minors must be members; no Guests Allowed
  • An Acceptance of Risk Form must be completed before the event
  • Parents/guardians are fully responsible for the minor during the event
  • Bringing more than one minor per parent is possible, but the parent should contact the event leader to ensure that adequate supervision is planned