Hike for Wildlife at Isobel Lake


The KHC thanks the 18 members and 1 guest that attended our perfectly sunny Hike for Wildlife fundraiser at Isobel Lake today. Donations of $111.45 made at this event will go to the Canadian Wildlife Federation.


Anthony Stahn

As a flatlander from Manitoba I have always been captivated by the mountains of the west. Moving to Kamloops has provided me with the perfect base camp to explore those very peaks that pulled our family west.

My typical hiking style can be summed up with “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”. Bushwhacking has become an acceptable form of travel for me as it seems that a lot of the great spots are off trail.

Hikes done by myself and Marty tend to fall into this category so don’t be surprised if this happens on a Marant hike. You can find more information at http://marantrambles.ca.

Happy Hiking!