Hike Leaders

Here is a listing of our current hike leaders in alphabetical order by first name. To see more about our hike leaders and their events, click on their name.

Note to hike leaders:  If you want to have your page updated, please contact dsmith@kamloopshikingclub.net for the changes.

Hike Co-Leaders/Organizers:

  • Dianne Smith
  • Judy Kerr
  • Margo Mercier
  • Frith Powell
  • we are actively recruiting new co-leaders at this time.

Inactive Hike Leaders/Co-leaders:

  • Anton Stefanac (moved)
  • Anthony Stahn
  • Bob Trudeau
  • Clive G
  • Ernie Carson
  • Helen Gendron
  • Jeremy Markel
  • Paul Battjes (moved)
  • Roland Neave
  • Sandra Blair
  • Sharon Peters

Note -Inactive Leaders have not organized an event for 6 months, but can become active again by contacting a KHC Director to update their status.

Paddling Leaders:

  • Greg Arvidson
  • Doug Smith

Inactive Paddling Leaders:

  • Ernie Carson
  • Susan Cullum

Hike Leaders/Organizers Program (2017)

  • The Board of Directors has approved the following changes to the Hike Leaders Program.
  • Active Leaders/Organizers are currently leading events or have led events in the last 6 months.
  • Leaders who have been inactive for more than 6 months will be contacted by the Hike Leaders Committee regarding status.
  • A new category is being added – Co-leader.
  • Co-leaders do not post events or lead on the day of the event.  They help out in whatever way they can.
  • Inactive leaders may wish to become co-leaders or they can contact the Committee to become active again.
  • Active Hike Leaders are expected to stay in communication/contact with the Hike Leaders Committee, as required.

Mentorship Program: