Hike Leaders

Our Hike Leaders determine the dates, locations, times, and other details related to KHC events.   Individual leaders draft events and publish them on the website.   They manage the bookings and answer enquiries.   They meet registered participants at the meet-up spot and organize carpooling.   On the trails Hike leaders determine the route, keep the group together, schedule stops, and keep an eye on safety, getting everyone back to the vehicles.   KHC does not coordinate or schedule events.   Hikes (paddles, backpacks, snowshoes, camps) are scheduled when a Hike Leader decides on a date, location, and route.   In 2017, that was about 270 outings.

KHC is always looking for more Hike Leaders.   The Board has defined a program to train/mentor hike leaders and members are encouraged to consider stepping up to lead events.   Several resources are found on the website:

  • KHC Hike Leaders – updated regularly, the status of our team
  • Hike Leaders Resources
  • Hike Leaders Newsletters

Next time you are on a KHC event, be sure to thank your volunteer Hike Leader!