About KHC Members


Most memberships are annual memberships starting January 1st and ending December 31st. Existing members must renew each year to continue participating in club events. At the discretion of the club’s Board of Directors, certain members may be awarded a lifetime membership for their outstanding contribution to the club.
Since there is no cap on the number of members accepted into the club, new members can join starting January 1 until September 30th. A new member’s membership starts on the day their membership registration is complete and ends on December 31st of the year of registration. Note: a new member must pay the full annual fee regardless of when in the year he/she joins.
See Membership Information for more details.

Members Responsibilities

All members should review Guidelines and Expectations  on a regular basis. Prospective new members should also read the Guidelines and Expectations before applying for membership.
All members should also check their profiles on a regular basis to ensure their contact information (email address, phone number, emergency contact information is correct). Instructions on how to see your profile go to “Website Help” (at “Help” dropdown option) and read “Change Your Profile”. Follow the instructions.