About Us

Club Description

The Club is a registered Non-profit Society whose central mandate is to organize outdoor activities for its members. All registered members are insured under our club’s insurance provider, the Federation of Mountain Clubs of British Columbia.

The Club’s constitution lists three main goals:

  • To organize hikes and outdoor activities for its members
    To promote healthy and safe outdoor activity
    To support non-motorized trail development in the region

The club offers its members a variety of outdoor events such as hiking, backpacking, snowshoeing, paddling, mountain biking and road biking. Each year the club averages roughly 200 events, including workshop/clinics, social events and seminars. Each event is led by volunteer club leaders who have been trained through a leadership training program and are knowledgeable in their own field of activity. Events are posted on the club’s website.

Club History

In 2001 the Kamloops Hiking Club existed as an informal group with its beginnings rooted by the club’s founder, Katherine Roberts. Back then, the club was a meet-up group for families and like-minded individuals who enjoyed hiking, backpacking and camping together. By networking through posters advertised in local outdoor stores and community billboards, our small group of 50 enthusiasts soon became over 100. In 2007, we joined the Facebook group. The social network quickly grew to include 100 followers and in 2012 it was decided to formalize the group into a club and become registered as a non-profit society under the direction of our first president, Doug Smith. Within the year we averaged 100 official members, conducted 100 events and had an amazing website designed and maintained by Doug.

Our club continues to grow each year, with current membership stats listed at over 200 members. The existence of amazing and knowledgeable Leaders in the club is what makes this club function at such a high volume. Without these great leaders who offer their expertise in hiking, backpacking, paddling, snowshoeing, mountain and road biking, the club would not be where it is today. The club continually looks for new leaders who can demonstrate their skills and share their expertise with our members.