With the risks inherent in outdoor activities, some risk management issues arise that have resulted in some KHC policies.

  • We have hike leaders and Directors (and therefore Events) by virtue of an insurance policy, a legal waiver, and best-practice policies
  • All members and guests must sign a waiver prior to participating in an event; this waiver effectively waives the rights to successfully sue leaders and the Club for damages
  • Under BC laws, no one can waive the rights of a minor, nor can the minor waive his own rights
  • The practice of including minors can still be achieved with the following steps:
  • Children/grandchildren may join and event if the parent/guardian is a member of the club and the parent/guardian registers for the event;  parents/guardians of the minor are expected to explain KHC expectations and guidelines
  • Parents/guardians of the minor are expected to be on the hike/event with the minor and to supervise and be fully responsible for the minor
  • If the minor is experiencing difficulties, the parent/guardian is expected to accompany the minor on the hike or return to the vehicle with the minor
  • Prior to the minor’s first event both the parent/guardian must sign the KHC Acknowledgement of Risk Form (KHC AR form) in front of a Club rep (print the form and bring it with you
  • To include a minor in an event, the member should register two places in the usual way, then should comment to the event advising of the minor Guest
  • The hike leader has the right to determine if minors will participate in the event up front or to refuse to include minors in the event, if circumstances are of concern

KHC has had many successful outings with minors and welcomes them and their parents/guardians for age-appropriate events each year.