Our Furry Friends

Kamloops Hiking Club views itself as a dog-friendly club, but a balance has to be struck to ensure that members, guests, and other hikers are safe and comfortable out on the trails.

Appropriate Trails for Dogs with a Group of Hikers

  • double track trails
  • low use trails (few hikers out there)
  • outings where the hike leader has pre-approved dogs may be included on the outing in the event listing

Trails Where a Leash is Required

  • narrow trails where hikers have to be careful (rocks, roots, drop-offs)
  • Provincial Parks require dogs on leash at all times
  • National Parks require dogs to be on leash at all times
  • some Parks have additional restrictions as noted on their websites
  • it is the responsibility of the dog owner to know and respect the regulations
  • trails with hazards (cactus, drop offs, snakes. loose surface, slippery conditions)
  • popular trails on a busy weekend (lots of hikers)
  • trails with wildlife
  • any hike with a dog that has “social” issues with other dogs

No Dogs Events

  • at the hike leader’s discretion
  • scrambles requiring careful travel
  • sensitive areas
  • In Provincial Parks and National Parks, regulations specify that dogs are not permitted in backcountry areas

Club Policy

  • Dog-friendly hikes are at the discretion of the hike leader for that outing.
  • Up to 3 dogs may join a group for any outing (or less, if the hike leader chooses)
  • Owners must bring leashes for every event.
  • All dogs must have collars.
  • Dog owners must be prepared to drive if they are bringing a dog.
  • Owners should leash their dogs at appropriate sections of the trail.
  • Dogs are naturally playful and inquisitive, but it is not appropriate to dart in front of hikers, to rough-house close to hikers, to chase wildlife, etc.  KHC hikes/events are group events so dog owners have to be mindful of other members.
  • It is never appropriate for dogs to chase or harass cattle, deer, bighorn sheep, or wildlife.
  • Owners are responsible for clean-up of droppings
  • Owners are responsible to bring water, and food for their dogs.
  • A standard from another jurisdiction uses this statement: “Dogs must be under control of their handler and in view of their handler at all times.”   This is a good guideline, but circumstances will arise where this is not possible for the entire event.
  • It is not appropriate for dogs to beg for food at lunch spots.
  • When participants register for a hike, they need to inform the participants and leader through a comment.   This allows participants who prefer to hike without dogs to make their own choices.
  • Not all dogs are suited to group events.   Dog owners need to carefully consider the behavior of their dog before bringing them on a group hike/event.   The KHC Board reserves the right to restrict specific dogs from joining in events.   Hike leaders will report incidents to the Board for their follow-up, if required.
  • Some dogs have “social” problems with other dogs.   These types of dogs must stay on leash in the presence of other dogs.
  • Any dog who behaves in an aggressive manner to other hikers is not an appropriate dog for KHC events.
  • KHC has not approved any other types of pets on events.  

Specific Regulations (taken from official websites)

  • B.C. Parks – “Pets/domestic animals must be on a leash at all times and are not allowed in beach areas or protected area buildings. You are responsible for their behaviour and must dispose of their excrement. Backcountry areas are not suitable for dogs or other pets due to wildlife issues and the potential for problems with bears.
  • B.C. Parks – There are a few  Dog-friendly Parks (link)
  • National Parks – “Pets must be on a leash at all times in <name> National Park”
  • National Parks – “Pets are not allowed in backcountry shelters.”
  • City Parks – each community has its own regulations; City of Kamloops – Dog Park Directory