KHC offers a wide variety of hiking events throughout the year.   These range from easy, shorter hikes to difficult and long scrambles off-trail.   In between are moderate and harder hikes.   The number of each type reflects the interest of the hike leaders who choose to lead them.   The program for the year is not a plan by the Board; it is a collection of the hikes led by KHC hike leaders, reflecting their interests and tastes.

Each year there have been more hikes in the moderate to difficult range than easy ones.   KHC is interested in offering more easy to moderate hikes and is always looking for more leaders to organize them.

All hikes are posted events on the website.   Hike leaders are asked to include information on the hike, including risks, length, difficulty, duration, and possible conditions.   All outdoor activities are subject to weather conditions so hike leaders will probably post more information to the listing close to the event date (including cancellation).   Hike leaders may also choose to allow guests (or not), to make a hike dog-friendly (or not), to limit the size of the group, to restrict the event to a fitness level, to use a co-leader, to include a sweep for slower hikers, to schedule breaks (or not), and so on.   We ask hike leaders to be clear on their expectations and for participants to read the listing carefully and contact the leader if they have questions.

Most hikes start with a meet-up spot to carpool or receive directions.   Carpoolers are expected to help to pay for gas at a rate (reasonably) set by the hike leader.   Riders and drivers are expected to be respectful and supportive, as needed.   Directions/explanations may be given at the trailhead.   Every hike is different, but in general the hike leader will keep track of the group and may recruit help, if needed.   Hikers are expected to stay in touch with the group.   The most important issue is not to go far ahead of the group or far behind the group.   This puts an unfair burden on the leader and the group.   The Board has a process and policy to deal with repeated instances of this challenge.

Every hike is different and every hike leader has a different style in leading events.   KHC has guidelines for leaders, but recognizes that it is the leader who must manage the group in the outdoors.   The Board will interact with the leader if necessary, but operates on the principle of good communication and collaborative problem-solving.

Fitness is an issue for most events.   Whereas KHC understands that hikers vary in their fitness levels, it also runs a program that requires fitness levels to match the posted event.   KHC encourages members to adopt a program of all-year fitness, choosing activities that build fitness outside of KHC events.