Other Activities

Outdoor Activities

KHC is insured to offer a wide range of activities, but each one must be registered with the insurer annually.   The activities that are offered depend on leader expertise and interest, member interest, safety and risk management concerns, and the historical record of success in hosting these activities.   The core activities that KHC would like to maintain are hiking-related outings, snowshoeing, and paddling.  Any activity that has no event listings for a year is dropped from the category list (as per Board policy).


KHC leaders organize backpacking opportunities for members.   A backpacking trip is more complex than a day hike – reservations, carpooling, itineraries, accommodations, camping, backpack requirements, day trips, schedules, contingencies, and so on.   Organizers make a big commitment and need to get the details organized and the group    No backpacking trip fits all levels of fitness, interest, and experience, so the leader will narrow it down or find a way to break into groups (this is not easy and requires more leaders, which is not always possible).   For some backpacking trips, the leader will ask for expressions of interest.   This allows members and the leader to discuss the trip.  For other trips, the leader may just post it like a regular event.   All backpacking trips require dialogue to work out the details and expectations.


KHC also offers cycling/biking activity on an infrequent basis.   Events come from hike leaders and may be recreational road biking or backroad mountain biking.   At this time, KHC club does not offer technical single track riding, downhill riding, or any performance road biking.   Since mountain biking has not been offered in over a year, it will be removed from the category list.   Road biking is currently under review.   All cycling events require helmets and the leader will specify any additional requirements.   KHC is interested in having more bike leaders offering events.


Each year KHC offers Camp n’ Hike opportunities for members.   These usually have a base camp and several hikes from a central location.   These are dependent on a leader stepping forward to organize the activities and logistics.   This usually involves designating a basecamp, but participants are responsible for their own camping bookings and arrangements.   Hikes/activities are organized by the leader.   The whole thing is posted as a Camp n’ Hike event with details provided in the listing.


KHC is open to social events and other activities.   Please contact a Director if you have ideas or would like to help out.