KHC organizes snowshoeing outings through its hike leaders.   The outings generally fall into two categories:

  • moderate outings suitable for most members
  • more challenging climbs and routes suitable for fit and experienced snowshoers

It is expected that the posting for the event will specify the difficulty of the proposed outing.   If members are unsure, they are encouraged to contact the listed leader of the event.   Winter is not a season to have someone fall behind the group so KHC asks all participants to register for events that match their current ability.   The hike leader has the right to refuse a booking if participant safety is an issue.

Adequate preparation for a snowshoe outing is important:

In addition, the following expectations apply to snowshoeing:

  • participants will stay with the group
  • participants will carry additional clothing for adverse conditions
  • participants will have checked out gear at home to ensure it is in good working order
  • snowshoes, poles, and boots should be transported in bags if carpooling
  • snowshoeing is part of a fitness program, but is not the start of the program; participants should get into shape before participating in events
  • hike leaders will be clear about the duration, difficulty, and conditions for the event
  • participants will read the event listing fully and carefully
  • hike leaders and participants will check the weather forecast prior to the event
  • participants will check the event listing the day before the event for any updates
  • if conditions are too cold (below -15 usually), the event will be cancelled
  • the hike leader will determine if a snowshoe route is suitable for dogs; it is the owner’s responsibility to determine if the conditions are suitable for dogs that day (deep snow, cold temperatures, drop-offs, etc.)
  • although almost any snowshoe brand will be fine for moderate outings, a better quality snowshoe may be required for climbing or deep snow conditions
  • for some snowshoe outings (off trail), cross country skis can also be used
  • KHC appoints a Committee each year to oversee the listings for snowshoe events and advise the Board if there are any issues.