Michelle Dressler

I have been avidly involved with the KHC since 2011, serving in various board member positions and as a current hike Leader. During that time I have seen this club grow from 50 to 200 plus members, which has been astonishing!

Known as a ‘seasonal hiker’, I am an active leader from March-October. The style of hikes I lead rate from easy (eg: Wanderweg (description under Wanderweg Icon) to moderate with a few harder ones thrown in occasionally. My pace is more or less slower to average in speed, always taking a moderate amount of breaks along the way to soak up the scenery and snap a few photos. I also work towards providing workshops/clinics and presentations for the club members throughout the year.
I look forward to exploring many more trails and wish sharing it with others who are like minded in our club. See you on the trails!

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