KHC Newsletter – December 17, 2017


  • New Member registration has begun.   At this point we have about 125 members for 2018 and we expect that to grow to be over 250.
  • We added a What You Need to Know if You Are Interested in Becoming a KHC Member statement for potential new members.   Last year we had 66 new members that we never saw on the trails.   The goal is to reduce this number for 2018.   The other part of this goal is to leave space for new members who will be active.
  • Please note that renewing members do not need to fill out the registration form (Step 1).   They can proceed straight to Step 2 – Electronic Waiver.
  • Although we collect $30/person for annual fees, most of that is committed to fixed costs – insurance, affiliations, memberships, website, software, equipment, fees, rentals, bookings, banking, Paypal, Society requirements, hosting, workshops, prizes, and special events.   We always leave room for some funds to carry over each year and the financial report is provided at the AGM each spring.     Fees are needed to keep all of the KHC programs running.
  • Thanks to our active Hike Leaders in December – Gerry Hoye, John and Carole Moslin, Doug Smith, Ernie Carson, Michelle Dressler, and Ray Conway.
  • Kamloops Naturalist Club is encouraging the City of Kamloops to turn the former golf course area on McArthur Island into a natural area.   KHC is generally supportive of this idea and encourages its members to participate in an online survey at Lets Talk.
  • FMCBC’s Winter Edition of Cloudburst is now available – Cloudburst Winter 2017- 2018
  • Hike Co-leaders who are soon moving ahead to become Hike Leaders – Mark Hopkins, Ian Cornish, Margo Mercier, and Sharon Peters.   Our thanks to them for stepping forward.


Our December Outings (an interactive map):

Click on an icon for a photo and more information.

Media Library:

  • Mostly for use by our leaders, our Media Library is now ready for use to insert images into events, comments, posts, and pages.
  • The slideshow on the front page is made up from images from our Media Library.
  • Locations (Trails) will each have a gallery of available images from the Media Library (over time).
  • Here are two examples of galleries found on Trails pages on the website – Blind Bay Bluffs  and Mt. Baldy
  • Here is an example of an image from the library inserted into a comment – Sugarloaf Hill.
  • Header images for individual events and pictures inserted into the event listing are all from the Media Library.
  • When our leaders use the images from our Media Library, they can then share them with our members through event listings, newsletters, comments, on pages, and through social media.
  • Wherever possible we try to credit the photographer.


Upcoming Events: