KHC Newsletter – December 31, 2017


  • Members are encouraged to check the event listings for updates, particularly because weather, temperature, and conditions are unpredictable.   Hike Leaders may adjust an event, particularly if it snows heavily or becomes quite cold.
  • Some of the pages on the website are now only visible to logged in users (members with user accounts).   These include all of the Trails pages, some of the pages with information on Board members, Board meetings, financial reports, Hike Leaders pages, some of the Help pages, and Future Camps.   This provides a bit of security/privacy, keeps Club business among Club members, and keeps some of the specific information just for our members.   Similarly the names of participants registered for events can only be seen by logged-in users.
  • Blogs are now being added to the website, some of which are trip reports.   Here is the latest – Bush Lake Snowshoe.
  • Any (logged-in) member can submit a trip report, blog article, etc.    See the Submit a Blog Post page for more information.
  • An Introduction to the KHC Website video is now available on YouTube for our new members.   Click the link to see the video.
  • Kamloops Search and Rescue is looking for more volunteers (more information).
  • Membership renewals and new member registrations continues to trickle in.   Member Services is currently disabling unrenewed user accounts and enabling new member accounts.
  • New Members will be able to book into posted events starting today.
  • Please be active with welcoming our new members.


  • One year ago on this weekend, D. Smith led a snowshoe on the Bush Lake Trails.
  • One year ago on this weekend, R. Conway led a snowshoe up to Ridge Lakes.
  • Two years ago on this weekend, D. Smith led a snowshoe on the Hull Hill Trails.
  • Three years ago on this weekend, D. Smith led a hike in the Sun Rivers area.
  • Four years ago on this weekend D. Smith led an outing called the Snow Stomp.
  • Five years ago on this weekend W. Kineshanko led a hike on the Blackwell Trails.
  • All of our 2012 hikes can be seen on this PDF – 2012 KHC Events

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