KHC Newsletter: February 19-25, 2017


Feature photo by‎ Lois Rexin-Hunter on snowshoe to Roderick Haig-Brown Prov Park with KHC


Here are the events coming up in the next week:

Valemount/Mount Robson Snowshoe Getaway (Katherine Roberts and Sam Chow) – Fri, Feb. 17 – Sun, Feb. 19
www@Hull Explorer (D. Smith) – Fri, Feb. 17
Larch Hills Snowshoe (John Moslin, Carole Pugle) – Sat, Feb. 18
Tramps R Us – Lite – Lower Bench Mt. Mara (New Members Welcome) (Paul Battjes) – Sat, Feb. 18
On the Dirt (with Some Snow, Ice, and Mud) (Doug Smith) – Wed, Feb. 22


Here are the latest events added by our leaders:

Harper Mountain Snowshoeing (Sam Chow & Wendy Kineshanko) – Sat, Feb. 25
Red Plateau Traverse (Doug Smith) – Wed, Jun. 14
Mt Assiniboine Backpack (Paulette Gendron) – Tue, Jul. 18 – Sun, Jul. 23
Cocobonk (Doug Smith) – Wed, Jun. 7
2017 AGM and Social (Board of Directors) – Sun, Mar. 19

Be sure to check the website regularly for newly added events. They are featured on the home page and the rest can be found by clicking the link to New Events.  Also, be sure to check for last minute cancellations if the event your are interested in is fully booked.


Gear Swap and Sell at AGM

There will be a gear swap and sell table set up at the AGM.    KHC members are encouraged to go through their camping/hiking/paddling/biking and other outdoor gear they wish to swap/sell.  There will be a large number of members attending, so a great time to divulge some of your unwanted or unused gear.   All items need to be priced & owners name attached.  Owners of the items for sale must be in attendance. Both sellers and buyers are encouraged to bring smaller bills/change along (no cash machine on site).


Latest KHC Stats

Latest stats were taken from January 15 – February 15, 2017

  • KHC site is accessed more often by computer or laptop versus tablet or mobile phone:  Desktop:  54.7%.  Tablet:  23%.  Mobile: 22.3%
  • Social Media:  Facebook wins hands down with 783 hits, Twitter at 2 and Instagram at 1
  • KHC Homepage received 4,600 hits.  Mind you,  the software system that keeps track of our stats doesn’t differentiate between multiple hits.  If you visit the page 5 times in a day, it will count all 5.
  • Upcoming Events Page got 577 hits
  • The last KHC Newsletter got 215 hits (Good to know you folks are reading these!!)
  • 21 snowshoeing events were posted with an average of 87% registered spots filled


Other News

  • Membership committee reported the club is currently at 213 registered members
  • FMCBC has a new website.  Check it out here:
  • Fun Fact:  The FMCBC new website’s photo image of the Charlotte Alplands was photographed by our club member, Doug Smith
  • Weather is starting to warm up, best keep an eye out for wood ticks in the lower valley bottom and sunny southern slopes! They were out in February last year around this time, but the lingering snow melt this year is delaying those pesky critters from emerging a bit longer.



Transition Time:  Snowshoe to Hiking ~ Article by Doug Smith

As the snows melt in late February, we can start our hiking season, keeping in mind which areas dry out first.   For about a month we need to think about elevation, aspect, tree cover, and slope to pick the right trails and routes.   Lower elevations (the river valley at 1100 feet) clear up first so the Rivers Trail from the airport is a good choice.   The sandy shelves of beaches clear earlier for winter beach walks too.   In the hills, the south-facing treeless slopes see the first snowmelt.   The lower Batchelor Hills are a good choice but there will be some mud and ice to deal with in the first phase.  Trails across side slopes tend to do better than trails that cross hollows.   While the ground is still frozen the meltwaters can’t penetrate into the ground so they sit as puddles then as mud holes.   For 2 weeks even the lower trails will be a combination of dirt, mud, ice, and snow.   Once the lower hills dry out, the best bets are the lower Batchelor Hills, the Moonscape Trail, the Valleyiew Nature Trails, the Dallas-Barnhartvale Trails, routes on the Dewdrop Range, the south side of Mt. Dufferin/Kenna Cartwright (not the north side), the Lower Rose Trails, Westsyde Bench, Deep Lake, and the Sage Trails.  

For KHC members out hiking in the early season, some considerations are:

  • expect to get muddy and wet
  • gaiters help to keep your feet dry
  • carry traction devices to get across icy areas
  • bring a change of dry shoes, especially if you are carpooling
  • poles help with stability in slippery conditions
  • experienced hike leaders often know the best way to avoid the muddiest, iciest, and wettest spots so watch for their choices as you follow on a hike

 The first hikes are now posted on the website so get your hiking boots ready for another year of hiking with KHC.


If you have any news you would like to share with the club or have any suggestions of what you would like to get out of the news articles, please contact

Michelle Dressler

Raised in Saskatchewan, I came to Kamloops in 2006. I have been avidly involved with the KHC since 2011, serving in various board member positions and as a current hike Leader. During that time I have seen this club grow from 50 to 200 plus members, which has been astonishing!

Known as a ‘seasonal hiker’, I hibernate for the winter. So in Spring, I look forward to exploring many more trails and wish sharing it with others who are like minded in our club. See you on the trails!