KHC Newsletter – January 7, 2018


  • In the first week of January we have about 210 members for 2018.
  • New Members are encouraged to read Guidelines and Expectations on the website (we had to agree to them when we signed up and again when we book any event, but some people just don't read them).  
  • Most KHC events in January will be snowshoeing events.   We will start to offer some hiking events near the end of February, depending on the weather. 
  • Although we have not set a membership cap at this point, we are growing rapidly.   The Board keeps an eye on how many events, booking spaces, and opportunities there are for members.   The number of events depends on how many hike leaders we have (we are always looking for more) and how many events each  can post.   If an active leader is unable to organize events because of travel, illness, work, family, injury, etc. it can reduce the number of events we can post in a given period.   If the Board feels that we have reached our limit, membership registrations may be shut down for the year.   We estimate the current capacity of the club is 250 - 300 members. 
  • Contact information is provided on the listing for each event for members who need to contact a hike leader.   There is also a list (only visible to logged-in users) on the Contact a Hike Leader page.  It is more efficient and more reliable to contact a hike leader directly than to make a comment to an event.  
  • KHC does not provide a complete list of members and their contact information because of Privacy Laws.   Hike Leaders, however, have access to this information to manage their events and in the case of an emergency, so if you have a need, you can use the Contact Form on the website or you can contact a hike leader on a need-to-know basis. 
  • Special thanks to the hike leaders who helped KHC with organizing and leading 7 events in the first 7 days of 2017 - John and Carole Moslin, Ernie Carson, Mark Hopkins, Gerry Hoye, and Tom Blackburn.   Our thanks also to the Co-leaders who helped with these events - Peter Frew, Sam Chow, Ed Hunter, and Lois Hunter.

Welcome to Our New Members

Welcome to some of our new members for 2018 - Aaron Penman, Sasha Lees, Philip Heal, Sandra Waugh, Vicki Weiler, Candis Willis, Wendy Willis, Bob Sukkel, Richard Tennant, Bob Sukkel, Kris Tranah, Deb Shafer, Craig Sharpe, Sharlene Sharp, Joan Roberts, Laila Sam, Patrick Salm, Sharon Scott, M. Seme-Low, Deanna Rice, Brenda Rinke, Ken Rinke, Raven Ritcey, Aaron Penman, Kathy Reno,  Alannah O'Gorman, Kari Pavlovich, Bud McRae, Miriam McFarlane, Jodi McNair, Mitchell Mogge, Shelley Joyce, Tony Klancar, Cat Lapointe, Angie Larocque, Maurice Larocque, Ina Gory, Jeremy Heighton, ChongJian Hong, Julie Johnson, Robyn Fidanza, Bert Gatien, Barb Gorman, Maureen Carr, Natalie Couture, Melvin Doherty, Marlon Dosch, Julianna Duplessis, Chandra Burr, Marion Bacon, Kate Bibeau, Joel Bourgeois, Dan Bowen, Dave Knapton, Lonnie Noel, Rupa Madhukar, Bill Lee, Anna Lee, Kathleen Spencer, Cheryl Schmidt, Caryn Stroh, Evan Vike, Kathlyn Taburnal, and more in the process of joining.  

Welcome back to Dan Fletcher, Mona Quinn, Amy Tucker, and Nels Arvidson.

Upcoming Events

Wed, Jan. 17, 2018 - Bush Lake Snowshoe (A Change) - (Doug Smith)
Thu, Jan. 18, 2018 - Introduction to Map and Compass Use - (Mark Hopkins)
Fri, Jan. 19, 2018 - Opax Snowshoe - (Gerry Hoye)
Sat, Jan. 20, 2018 - Wheeler Snowshoe - (Thomas Blackburn)
Sun, Jan. 21, 2018 - Skmana Lake Snowshoe - (Lois Rexin-Hunter)
Sun, Jan. 21, 2018 - Community Grasslands Trail Snowshoe - (Margo Mercier)
Mon, Jan. 22, 2018 - Stake Lake – Lookout and Basalt Bluffs - (Carole Moslin)
Tue, Jan. 23, 2018 - Peterson Creek - (Paulette Gendron)
Wed, Jan. 24, 2018 - Dogwood Marshes Explorer - (Doug Smith)
Sat, Jan. 27, 2018 - Harper Mountain Snowshoe - (Paulette Gendron)
Sun, Jan. 28, 2018 - Thu, Feb. 1, 2018 - Mt. Robson - Kinney Lake Snowshoe - (Lois Rexin-Hunter)
Wed, Jan. 31, 2018 - Middle Grasslands Snowshoe - (Doug Smith)
Wed, Jan. 31, 2018 - Midweek McQueen Moonlight Madness - (Ernie Carson)

Header photo - D. Smith (Raft Traverse)

Newsletter - D. Smith

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