KHC Newsletter – July 16, 2017

  • A reminder that Sun Peaks offers a 20% discount on a hiking lift pass for members of the Kamloops Hiking Club.
  • Our thanks to Sheila Powell, Ernie Carson, Gerry Hoye, John Moslin, Carole Pugle, Greg Arvidson, Paulette Gendron, Ed and Lois Hunter, Katherine Roberts, Tom Blackburn, Doug Smith and Paul Battjes for leading events in July.
  • Many of our hike leaders are traveling, camping, or participating in camps so there will be less events overall in the summer.
  • Area closures or smoky conditions may require cancellation or relocation of events.   Check the listings for updates.
  • Only 5 months to the first snowshoe of the season…
Park and Area Closures
With the provincial fire situation a number of parks are closed in the Interior of BC.   This includes all Kamloops Nature Parks, Wells Gray Park, and all provincial parks in the Cariboo and Gold Country.   Lac du Bois Protected Area, Lac le Jeune, Paul Lake, Mt. Buse, and other area Parks are still open, but everyone is being asked to show great care.
Upcoming Events

Note –  Some events were left off the list since they were planned for areas currently closed.

photo – Carole Pugle

newsletter – D. Smith

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Doug Smith

Retired now, I get into the outdoors most days to hike, paddle, camp, run, snowshoe, or explore. Some of my activities involve more difficult routes, but a few are also suitable for moderately fit people who like a bit of a challenge. Since I am out several times a week, I post one (or two) event(s) each week and I invite a small group of like-minded people to join me.
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