KHC Newsletter – March 21, 2017

Spring has arrived with some warmer weather and some other changes as a result of the recent AGM.


  • Our thanks to Michelle Dressler and Katherine Roberts for their work on our Social, potluck and general meeting.   The food was wonderful, the prizes were enjoyed by everyone, and the meeting went smoothly.
  • Michelle thanked the Board for their service over the last year.   We wish to acknowledge the contributions of Clive Giolma, Sheila Powell, Ernie Carson, Greg Arvidson, and Dave Schmidt.
  • Returning to the Board of Directors for 2017 are Jeremy Markel, Raegan Markel, Dianne Smith, Michelle Dressler, Katherine Roberts, Sharon Peters, Anthony Stahn, Gerry Hoye, Frith Powell, and Doug Smith.   (More information can be found at this link .)
  • Special recognition went to Paul Battjes for his years of leadership and his role in the Peaks Series and Tramps R Us.   The Board also recognized Anton Stefanac who will be moving to Vancouver this spring.
  • AGM Minutes – KHCAnnualGeneralMeetingMarch19_2017
  • Thanks to everyone who participated in the pre-meeting hike, the potluck dinner, and the general meeting.

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With the change in Club leadership, there will also be a change in who is doing the newsletter (with a learning curve for a couple of weeks), and some format/frequency changes to be decided as this all unfolds.   Your patience is appreciated.

Hike Leaders News

Our hike leaders are the key to the success of our Club.   Their volunteer commitment makes our events schedule possible:

  • We welcome Michelle Dressler back from winter hibernation.   Watch for wanderwegs to start soon.
  • Returning from a season of skiing is Sheila Powell.   Her first event is March 23 on the Kenna Cartwright Trails.
  • Leaving us soon is Anton Stefanac, moving to work in Vancouver.   He will be missed.
  • Joining Paul Battjes, Ernie Carson, and Nic is Gerry Hoye on the Tramps r’ Us series.
  • John Moslin  is retiring at the end of the month.   Congratulations to John and Carole.
  • A new recruitment program for hike leaders has been drafted and will be discussed by the Board over the next month.

Members News:

  • Paul Imada is retiring at the end of the month.   We will see Paul out paddling more this year.
  • We were pleased to see some new members out for our Barnes Lake pre-meeting hike.   Welcome to Nadine Gray, Anne Santos, Danielle Smith-Frothinger, Jennifer Barbe, and others.
  • Did you know we have 4 geologists who are members?   Can you name them?

Upcoming Events:

Photo credit – Ed Hennan

Doug Smith

Retired now, I get into the outdoors most days to hike, paddle, camp, run, snowshoe, or explore. Some of my activities involve more difficult routes, but a few are also suitable for moderately fit people who like a bit of a challenge. Since I am out several times a week, I post one (or two) event(s) each week and I invite a small group of like-minded people to join me.
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