KHC Newsletter – May 28, 2017

KHC News

  • KHC has been offering a number of non-hiking activities for a few years, but a number of those activities are not being organized at this time.   The Board is reviewing the place of road cycling, mountain biking, backcountry snowshoeing, trail running, and nordic skiing and some decisions are to be made at the next meeting.
  • KHC’s main focus is on hiking (including hiking with scrambling and backpacking).   We also have active snowshoeing and paddling programs as seasonal alternatives.
  • KHC is looking at a revised (simpler) Hike Rating system.  Stay tuned for updates.
  • Members and Guests can sign up for one of our Canada’s 150th events on Mara Mountain.   There are now 6 groups meeting on the June 17th morning.   A special newsletter will be sent to all members with the details of this special event.
  • Michelle Dressler will be winding down the KHC merchandising program.   Watch for updates/notices here and on Facebook.
  • Special thanks from KHC to Anthony Stahn who is KHC’s webmaster, an all-year role, and one that is crucial to the success of the Club.
  • FMCBC’s May Newsletter – link
  • Some of our trailheads and access roads have been subject to flooding so members may seem some changes to planned events once we get updates on these conditions.

KHC provides some Questions and Answers from time to time:

Q and A #2

  1. Why doesn’t KHC offer more Easy Events?

KHC would like to have more Easy events, but our volunteer Hike Leaders organize events that interest them, and most prefer moderate or moderate-harder events.    KHC is always looking for more hike leaders who want to organize Easy Events for members.    Contact us if you can help.

     2.  How do I update my emergency contact or email address?

You need to edit your profile.   See Website Help.

     3.   If there is an important change to an event, will the Hike Leader/Organizer contact me?

The hike leader may choose to email you (make sure your email address is current), but he/she will probably also edit the event listing so always check the listing in the last 24 hours.     If the weather is marginal, be sure to check the event listing before leaving the house.

Website Updates:

Upcoming Events:

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Doug Smith

Retired now, I get into the outdoors most days to hike, paddle, camp, snowshoe, or explore. Some of my activities involve more difficult routes, but most are suitable for moderately fit people too. Since I am out several times a week, I post one (or two) event(s) each week and I invite a small group of like-minded people to join me. Kamloops Trails