KHC Newsletter – November 26, 2017

  • Registration is still open for the Hike Leaders Appreciation Dunner on Dec. 3 and for the Snowshoeing Workshop on Dec. 5.
  • Membership Renewals for 2018 will begin on December 1st.   A link to the Registration page (form, waiver, payment) will be visible to members when logged in.  The links will be made visible to the public for new registrations on December 15.
  • Because we are an active club with a busy website, we do get hackers who try to get into the site every day.   There is lots of protection from these kinds of attacks, but we can’t easily protect ourselves from members who use easy-to-guess passwords to login to the site.      Please use a secure password.
  • Our thanks to our Active Hike Leaders who have led events in November – Gerry Hoye, Wendy Kineshanko, Paulette Gendron, Doug Smith, Katherine Roberts, Michelle Dressler, John Moslin, Carole Pugle, and Sam Chow.
  • Read about former member Christina Nilsen’s adventure in an avalanche on Mount Adams here.
  • A list of all Events from 2017 can now be seen on this page.   There are also pages for 2014, 2015, and 2016 events accessible through the menu.

Membership Numbers
  • In 2017 we had about 250 members (we capped membership in the spring).
  • Of the total, 66 members did not event attend one event.   They are classified as Basic Members until they complete at least one event if they choose to rejoin in 2018.
  • There are some interesting trends within this group which will provide for some Board decisions for the future and for those who communicate on behalf of KHC.
  • Of the total, 184 members attended at least one event (74%).   These will be Full Members for 2018 if they renew their memberships.
  • We can review the bookings for all of our events and some trends are evident.
  • About half of our active members are seasonal hikers.
  • About half of our active members prefer moderate hikes on established trails.
  • About 2/3 of our overall membership are women.
  • We will be looking at additional demographics (age cohort, winter vs summer, activities, moderate vs challenging, etc.) to help Hike leaders and our Board member with encouraging events that meet our members expectations.   If you have thoughts about this, use the Contact Form on the website.

Featured Track – Majerus Falls
Total distance: 10053 m

Upcoming Events