KHC Website

The KHC website is our main communications tool:

  • We get about 450 visits every day.
  • We have 187 users/subscribers/members.
  • 102 people subscribe to new website posts by email.
  • The new website was installed this fall and we have had 567 comments posted by members in 4 months.
  • New Events are featured on the right sidebar, but can also be seen on a Calendar Page (link).
  • About 170 events were posted to the website in 2014.   We are on track for about 180 in 2015.
  • Forums/discussions are available on the website for general discussion items among registered members.
  • Logins are now encrypted/secured to prevent hacking of user accounts/information.   Thanks to Jeremy Markel for his help with this.
  • The website has 33 published pages of information.   Another 8 pages are publishable when needed (registration, photo contest, features).
  • The website is run by a volunteer webmaster, with help as needed.
  • KHC has opted for an online events-bookings-emails system called Events Manager.   This plugin has been configured to assist Hike Leaders and participants with an easy access system that reduces the extra work for organizers who already have their hands full with leading outings.   Other Clubs use email systems, newsletters, calendar postings, phone, or meet-ups.   KHC Members have to “learn the ropes” of the website and the Events Manager system to maximize their membership value, but the system is easy to learn with a bit of effort.   Help is always available on request.
sams bushwacker
Sam Chow photo

Doug Smith

Retired now, I get into the outdoors most days to hike, paddle, camp, run, snowshoe, or explore. Some of my activities involve more difficult routes, but a few are also suitable for moderately fit people who like a bit of a challenge. Since I am out several times a week, I post one (or two) event(s) each week and I invite a small group of like-minded people to join me.
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