KHC Weekly Newsletter: January 8-14, 2017


Feature photo of the ‘magical pond’ by‎  Sam Chow on recent hike with KHC to Larch Hills.


Here are the events coming up in the next week:

Sovereign Lake Snowshoe (Carole Pugle, John Moslin) – Sat, Jan. 7
Gerry’s Gyrations – Sugarloaf Hill (g) – Mon, Jan. 9
Gerry’s Gyrations – Evening Snowshoe from VV Arena (Gerry Hoye) – Tue, Jan. 10
www@the Upper Grasslands (D. Smith) – Wed, Jan. 11
Gerry’s Gyrations – Dewdrop (Gerry Hoye) – Thu, Jan. 12
Snow Stomp (D. Smith) – Fri, Jan. 13
Gerry’s Gyrations – Dewdrop Gnomes or Trolls (Gerry Hoye) – Sat, Jan. 14
Moul Falls and Dawson Falls – Frozen (Tom Blackburn) – Sat, Jan. 14


Here are the latest events added by our leaders:

Lake Louise/Banff Camp and Hike (Katherine Roberts) – Mon, Jul. 24 – Sun, Jul. 30
Clearwater River Trail: Triple Decker Falls to Dutch Lake (Tom Blackburn) – Sat, Jan. 21
Skmana Lake Snowshoe (Ed and Lois Hunter) – Sun, Jan. 15
Bushwhacker Revisited at Stake Lake (John Moslin, Carole Pugle) – Sat, Jan. 21
Gerry’s Gyration – Goose Lake Road (Gerry Hoye) – Thu, Jan. 19
Flatiron Summit (Doug Smith) – Wed, Mar. 29
Stomp the Hills (Doug Smith) – Fri, Feb. 17
Lake Kinbasket – Valemount (Camp) (Tom Blackburn) – Fri, Jun. 16 – Sun, Jun. 18
Watching Creek Stomp (Doug Smith) – Fri, Feb. 24
Jag Stomp (D. Smith) – Fri, Feb. 3

Be sure to check the website regularly for newly added events. They are featured on the home page and the rest can be found by clicking the link to New Events.  Also, be sure to check for last minute cancellations if the event your are interested in is fully booked.


A Reminder about Membership Privileges for New Members

Hopefully our new members are reading the KHC Newsletters that are issued weekly to keep on top of club announcements.  A reminder once again that our local supporters (found here:  KHC Supporters) receive the members list from our membership committee at the beginning of each month.  So, for example, if you registered as a new club member on January 15, your name will not be submitted to the supports/vendors until February 1.  Your club discount applies the 1st of the following month of registration. Thanks for your understanding on this.


Snowshoeing in Full Swing

It is great to see a good selection of snowshoeing events posted for the month of January leading into February, now that the temperature is getting a bit milder to get outdoors.  Many thanks to our KHC leaders; Gerry, Doug, Tom, Katherine, Sam, Wendy, Ed & Lois as well as John & Carole  for leading the new year off with several snowshoe events. If you are unsure of your physical abilities, you can always contact the leader hosting the event to discuss the distance, terrain and elevation of the route to see if that event is best suited for you. There is nothing like the present to start that New Year’s resolution of getting fit, staying fit and having fun!


Looking for Presenters

The Special Events Committee is eagerly looking for any of our members (or their friends) interested in hosting presentations/workshops/clinics that showcase ideas related to our club activities.  Such examples could be mountain/road bike safety, backpacking gear and usage, identifying edible plants or other botany. Even if you have ideas on what you may be interested in seeing being presented to our members would be greatly appreciated!  A forum discussion has been started on our website page, so please feel free to jot down some ideas. If you, or anyone you know, are interested in hosting an event please contact Michelle Dressler at


Newest KHC You-tube video

Here is the club’s latest video compilation of photos taken this past summer.  Thanks goes to Doug Smith for creating the video and to all our members who took photos of our club events for submission.

KHC Summer of 2016


Dr. David Suzuki Coming to TRU

Environmental activist, David Suzuki, is coming to Kamloops on February 8, 2017.   This is an exclusive opportunity to hear him speak on how we are part of the web of all life on earth, our impact is undeniable, and different priorities are needed – our bottom line for the 21st century.  For more info or to purchase tickets online:  Kamloops Code Blue Organizer



Another Blast from the Past

Continuing on from last week’s article about the history of our club, I thought this newspaper article dug up from the club’s archive file, would add a wonderful salutation to our New Year’s theme. Though I am no where near as good of a story teller as Stuart McLean is on the CBC radio program, the Vinyl Cafe, hopefully sharing my experience with you all can bring a smile to your face, non the less.

Prior to the club becoming a non profit society in 2012, word spread quickly of our existence through posters and facebook.  Looking to get the word out to others in the community about our group more effectively, it was time to kick it up a notch and take it to the next level of public exposure….the  local newspaper.  Kamloops Daily News came to write an article and click a few photos in June of 2011.  I remember that day quite clearly.  The excitement of being told by the club founder, Katherine Roberts, swirled in the air as we waited at the meet up spot for the news reporter to arrive.  I could tell Katherine was getting a bit jittery with excitement, as were a few others in the group too.  Knowing we were going to have a photo taken and published for the whole community to see was all a new thing for us.  At that point, I am sure some of us were wishing we had a better hair day that day, but it was going to have to do. Once the reporter arrived he took Katherine aside, spoke confidentially to her on the initial plan and what he was looking for in the final shot.  Then he stationed himself up on a higher slope getting his camera ready.  The scene was situated much like that of a film crew getting ready to roll with the cast waiting to hear the infamous word “Action!!” As we assembled ourselves at the ‘imaginary’ start line the reporter hollered his cue and we strode past him acting as natural as we could, except for Katherine’s grandson….a definite show stealing cutie pie (as you can see in the final photo).   I am sure in that very moment most of us there (yes….even myself) sucked in our stomachs just a little bit more in that 30 step march past the reporter.  In any case, the moment was snapped and the final product printed to be archived for the years to come. It was a fond moment, one of which I always smile and reflect upon when I see that article.  It is a constant reminder of how this once small and casual ‘meeting of friends’  has come a long way and grown in leaps and bounds.  It is a humble feeling, right down to my core, that makes me proud to be a long standing member of such a remarkable hiking club.  May it always continue to grow, in members, memories and friendships for  years to come.  Happy hiking to all our members in 2017! ~ Michelle Dressler, club president

Kamloops Daily News:  KHC Article-2011



If you have any news you would like to share with the club or have any suggestions of what you would like to get out of the news articles, please contact


Michelle Dressler

Raised in Saskatchewan, I came to Kamloops in 2006. I have been avidly involved with the KHC since 2011, serving in various board member positions and as a current hike Leader. During that time I have seen this club grow from 50 to 200 plus members, which has been astonishing!

Known as a ‘seasonal hiker’, I hibernate for the winter. So in Spring, I look forward to exploring many more trails and wish sharing it with others who are like minded in our club. See you on the trails!