KHC Weekly Newsletter: November 20-26, 2016


Feature photo by Michelle Dressler on KHC’s  Deep Lake Ridge Pub Hike‎


Here are the events coming up in the next week:

TRAMPS R US – LITE Mt. Embleton (Paul Battjes) – Sat, Nov. 26
Skimikin Lake (Sam Chow & Katherine Roberts) – Sun, Nov. 27
Snowshoeing 101 (Doug Smith) – Mon, Nov. 28
Upper Barnes Trails (Doug Smith) – Wed, Nov. 30
Battle Bluff Night Hike (Jeremy Markel) – Wed, Nov. 30
Frederick Bluffs (D. Smith) – Fri, Dec. 2


Here are the latest events added by our leaders:

www@jan.25 (D. Smith) – Wed, Jan. 25
www@jan.18 (D. Smith) – Wed, Jan. 18
The Ragged Red Ridge (Doug Smith) – Wed, May. 31
Battle Bluff Night Hike (Jeremy Markel) – Wed, Nov. 30

Be sure to check the website regularly for newly added events. They are featured on the home page and the rest can be found by clicking the link to New Events.  Also, be sure to check for last minute cancellations if the event your are interested in is fully booked.


Membership Cards No Longer Required

In previous years our members were identified to our club supporters/vendors to receive a club discount at their stores by showing a KHC membership card, as well as a membership list that was submitted at the beginning of the club’s fiscal year (January).   After recently speaking with the store managers,  an agreement was made to eliminate the use of the membership card and continue with the use of a membership list.   This change will save our club on expenditures, both in producing the card and mailing them to over 200 members. As with any club, the privatization of our member’s personal information is important.   The KHC member’s list only contains the member’s full name, no other information is provided.  Since our membership has no cap in 2017, the club will submit new member’s names that register after January 1, 2017 on a monthly basis to keep all stores up to date.

Club members will still require to show photo ID at the register prior to purchase.  A list of our club’s retail stores and businesses can be found here:  KHC Sponsors & Supporters


KHC Trail Page

Located on our homepage is the club’s Trail page. This link is chalked full of helpful information of local hikes in Kamloops and various trails within the BC interior.  It will quickly become a helpful tool to anyone who is a club leader or just a member  needing some additional information into researching a particular trail .  The trail page is continually adding new trail data, but it is a starting point for researching any ‘wish list’ trails you want to cross off in the upcoming future.  Special thanks to Doug Smith for headlining this project.


New Essential List Attachment

The KHC board recently designed and voted on a new Essential and Optional List for our members. This replaced the previous ‘ten essentials’ listed on our website.   Here is the link to view it:
And to make it even easier, attached at the bottom of all posted events is a detail description of the  Essential/ Optional List, listing the event specific items to bring.  A conveniently list, right at your finger tips of what to pack along on your event.  Now how handy is that!


Fund BC Park Map; Insightful 

The FMCBC quest to notify the public of  lack of funding going towards BC Parks for their upkeep has added another helpful tool to it’s site to view the ongoing issue .  A map is now listed on their website that outlines the affected areas where the issues are.  Some of the sites even have photos attached to get a better understanding of the situation and paint a bigger picture.  Click here to have a look ;  Fund BC Parks Map Locations



If you have any news you would like to share with the club or have any suggestions of what you would like to get out of the news articles, please contact


Michelle Dressler

Raised in Saskatchewan, I came to Kamloops in 2006. I have been avidly involved with the KHC since 2011, serving in various board member positions and as a current hike Leader. During that time I have seen this club grow from 50 to 200 plus members, which has been astonishing!

Known as a ‘seasonal hiker’, I hibernate for the winter. So in Spring, I look forward to exploring many more trails and wish sharing it with others who are like minded in our club. See you on the trails!