KHC Weekly Newsletter: October 30 – November 5, 2016



Feature photo by Carole Pugle on a Gerry’s Gyrations hike in Valleyview area‎


Here are the events coming up in the next week:

Batchelor Hills Trek (Sheila Powell) – Fri, Nov. 4
Fall Potluck (Katherine Roberts and Michelle Dressler) – Sat, Nov. 5
Ross Moore Lake (Sam, Katherine, Ray, & Wendy) – Sun, Nov. 6
Gerry’s Gyrations (Sheila Powell) – Mon, Nov. 7
Deep Lake Hills (Sheila Powell) – Wed, Nov. 9
Mount Baldy (Sam Chow) – Fri, Nov. 11


Here are the latest events added by our leaders:

Barren Hills Stomp (Doug Smith) – Fri, Dec. 23
Pussywillow Lane (Doug Smith) – Fri, Dec. 16
Lime Ridge (D. Smith) – Wed, Jul. 5
Ross Moore Lake (Sam, Katherine, Ray, & Wendy) – Sun, Nov. 6
Alpaca Peak (D. Smith) – Wed, Aug. 23
Illal Mountain (D. Smith) – Wed, Aug. 30
Botanie Mountain (D. Smith) – Wed, Jun. 28
Mount Grace (D. Smith) – Wed, Jul. 26 – Thu, Jul. 27
Pukeashun Mountain (Doug Smith) – Wed, Jul. 19
Mount Baldy (Sam Chow) – Fri, Nov. 11

Be sure to check the website regularly for newly added events. They are featured on the home page and the rest can be found by clicking the link to New Events.  Also, be sure to check for last minute cancellations if the event your are interested in is fully booked.


Membership Renewal

November 1 was the opening date for current members to renew their club membership.  Cost still remains the same, $30 for the year.  To renew, click on the icon on our home page and fill out the forms.  See you out on the trails soon!


Thanking Our Outstanding KHC Leaders

Since January 1st, the club has held 197 events, all of which we could not do without our amazing leaders.  The club would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the following KHC Leaders; Greg Arvidson, Paul Battjes, Tom Blackburn, Sandra Blair, Ernie Carson, Sam Chow, Ray Conway, Susan Cullum, Michelle Dressler, Helen Gendron, Paulette Gendron, Clive Giolma, Gerry Hoye, Ed & Lois Hunter, Wendy Kineshanko, Jeremy Markel, John Moslin, Roland Neave, Sheila Powell, Carole Pugle, Katherine Roberts, Doug & Dianne Smith, Anthony Stahn and Anton Stefanac.

The next time you hike with any of these wonderful leaders, please acknowledge them for their volunteer time. Without any of you, our club would not be where it is today without providing excellent leadership, a positive attitude, dedicated performance and immersing our local members to discovering new trails and visiting exciting places!


KHC Cookbook

The KHC cookbook is available for ordering just in time for Christmas!  Not only does it contain a fabulous trail food section, but also features over 200 of the very best recipes from our own KHC members.  Even a few secret family recipes have made it into the selection! The book also features cover and divider images taken from our very own club members.
To order, go to our website and click on the KHC Shop icon.  Cost is $15, with a donation of the proceeds to go towards the Kamloops Thompson Trail Alliance for trail building and other KHC initiatives.


KHC Fall Potluck Wrap Up

The club held its annual Fall Potluck and Social on November 5.   24 members were in attendance. As always, our feast was magnificent and plenty of hiking stories were shared with each other. This years Leadership Recognition Award, that honors one of our leaders for providing outstanding leadership in our club, was awarded to Sam Chow. Congratulations Sam! We look forward to seeing everyone again in the Spring when we host our Spring Annual General Meeting.


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Voice your Vote on the Peterson Creek Multi-use Path

The city is looking for input for the proposed Peterson Creek Multi-use Path.  The 1.7km paved and lighted path will enable a safe route from downtown to the Sahali, Aberdeen and Columbia areas of the city. There will be an open house on Nov 23  or you  can complete an online survey here; Peterson Crk Multi use path.  A map of the proposed trail is also located in the link.





If you have any news you would like to share with the club or have any suggestions of what you would like to get out of the news articles, please contact

Michelle Dressler

Raised in Saskatchewan, I came to Kamloops in 2006. I have been avidly involved with the KHC since 2011, serving in various board member positions and as a current hike Leader. During that time I have seen this club grow from 50 to 200 plus members, which has been astonishing!

Known as a ‘seasonal hiker’, I hibernate for the winter. So in Spring, I look forward to exploring many more trails and wish sharing it with others who are like minded in our club. See you on the trails!