KHC weekly update – Feb 13, 2016

Upcoming events

Next weeks events include both hikes and snowshoes, as well as a backpacking essentials event.  Check out the upcoming events page to get the full listing.

Past weeks events

KHC members had seven events to choose from this past week, including three on Saturday.  Its great to see members getting out and enjoying the weather.

News items

  • This past week we launched the new look of the KHC website and upgraded the hosting package.  So far the overall response has been quite positive.  Thank you to all those that provided feedback.
  • A gear swap forum has been added to the site.  Those interested in participating can use the forum to buy, sell or trade gear.  Click here to see the forum.
  • The Peak Series committee updated the rules for consideration of qualification.  Check out the Peak Series page for more information.
  • Quick reminder that the AGM is coming up.  All members are encouraged to come out to this fun social event.  Not only is there a potluck but it is also your chance to vote on new and returning board members or to put your name forward for consideration.  The position of treasurer still needs someone to put their name forward.  Executive board seats are also available.  Click here to sign up for the event.

Article spotlight

If you are looking to do some hiking outside the Kamloops area this year, the KHC has a number of events planned for members including backpacking and camp & hike events.  If you are looking for more or are unable to register for these events and need some inspiration, check out this article from BC Magazine.


If you have any news you would like to share with the club or have any suggestions of what you would like to get out of the weekly updates, please contact

Anthony Stahn

As a flatlander from Manitoba I have always been captivated by the mountains of the west. Moving to Kamloops has provided me with the perfect base camp to explore those very peaks that pulled our family west.

My typical hiking style can be summed up with “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”. Bushwhacking has become an acceptable form of travel for me as it seems that a lot of the great spots are off trail.

Hikes done by myself and Marty tend to fall into this category so don’t be surprised if this happens on a Marant hike. You can find more information at

Happy Hiking!