KHC weekly update – Feb 27, 2016


Feature photo by Sam Chow on a recent hike on Mara Mt with the KHC.

Upcoming events

Here are this week’s upcoming events:

Over and Under (Doug Smith) – Sunday
Campbell Lake Snowshoe – Slower Pace (Wendy Kineshanko) – Sunday
Zoa Summit Δ (Doug Smith) – Wednesday
Iago Summit Snowshoe and Winter Camp Δ (Jeremy Markel & Anthony Stahn) – Saturday & Sunday
TRAMPS R US (Paul Battjes) – Saturday
On the Beach Wanderweg ~ New Members Only (Michelle Dressler) – Saturday


Quick Reminders
Be sure to check the website regularly for newly added events. They upcoming four are featured on the home page and the rest can be found by clicking the link to New Events.


Event Reminders
A couple of quick reminders regarding events. Members should carefully read the event listing to make sure the event is at the right fitness and experience level. Also, when conditions are marginal, check the event listing over the last 36 hours to look for updates.

There has been an Instagram account created for the club. You can post to Instagram with the tag #kamloopshikingclub and the pictures will show up on our site. Also, the club account will be posting pictures as well.

Dana Starkell – Paddle to the Amazon – Keynote

Dana Starkelll will be doing a keynote presentation at the TRU on March 16th at 4 PM.  You can find more information by going to the following links:

There will be a “Swap and Shop” at AGM. Bring your unwanted hiking, backpacking gear and turn them into cash or trade them with other KHC members.  You can also use the KHC website by going to the Gear Swap forum.


Winter is nearly over however there are still plenty of snowy experiences to have, including winter camping. Here’s an article on winter camping shelters from KHC member Rob Warren from his site Check it out.


If you have any news you would like to share with the club or have any suggestions of what you would like to get out of the news articles, please contact

Anthony Stahn*

As a flatlander from Manitoba I have always been captivated by the mountains of the west. Moving to Kamloops has provided me with the perfect base camp to explore those very peaks that pulled our family west. My typical hiking style can be summed up with "Nothing ventured, nothing gained". Bushwhacking has become an acceptable form of travel for me as it seems that a lot of the great spots are off trail. Hikes done by myself and Marty tend to fall into this category so don't be surprised if this happens on a Marant hike. You can find more information at Happy Hiking!