KHC weekly update – June 5, 2016


Feature photo by‎ Ernie Carson.


Here are the events coming up in the next week:

Pub Hike (Bob Trudeau) – Mon, Jun. 6
Introduction to Photography for Beginners ~ Part II (Michelle Dressler) – Tue, Jun. 7
Lion’s Head West (Doug Smith) – Wed, Jun. 8
TRAMPS R US (LITE) – WATCHING CREEK BLUFFS (Paul Battjes) – Sat, Jun. 11
Double Wanderweg: Raven Trail / RJ Haney Heritage Park trail (Michelle Dressler) – Sat, Jun. 11


Here are the latest events added by our leaders:

Pavilion Lake Paddle (Ernie Carson) – Sat, Jul. 2
Dewdrop Traverse (Doug Smith) – Wed, Aug. 17
TRAMPS R US (LITE) – WATCHING CREEK BLUFFS (Paul Battjes) – Sat, Jun. 11

Be sure to check the website regularly for newly added events. They upcoming four are featured on the home page and the rest can be found by clicking the link to New Events.  Also, be sure to check for last minute cancellations if the event your are interested in is fully booked.


Registration is now open

The registration cap has been lifted and registration for the 2016 hiking year is once again open to new members.  Click here to learn more.

KHC T-shirt are ready to order

Get in the loop by being noticed in the “ ‘Loops” with once of club T-shirts. Two styles, 2 types of club Logos and 14 different colours.  Online ordering can be done through our website under the KHC Shop link.  Our Vice President, Michelle Dressler, will be setting up a ‘try on’ session  in June. Watch the website for details.


Bear spray

Bear are out and about. It’s time to dig out and dust off your bear spray for the season.  Be sure to check your expiry date on the canister and replace it if necessary.  Here is a helpful video from Parks Canada to refresh your memory of how to safely use your bear spray.  



If you have any news you would like to share with the club or have any suggestions of what you would like to get out of the news articles, please contact

Anthony Stahn

As a flatlander from Manitoba I have always been captivated by the mountains of the west. Moving to Kamloops has provided me with the perfect base camp to explore those very peaks that pulled our family west.

My typical hiking style can be summed up with “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”. Bushwhacking has become an acceptable form of travel for me as it seems that a lot of the great spots are off trail.

Hikes done by myself and Marty tend to fall into this category so don’t be surprised if this happens on a Marant hike. You can find more information at

Happy Hiking!