Some short mid-February news items:

  • Some events for spring and summer are now posted; the dates provide a framework/outline for the months to come;  all of these will require additional planning so will not be posted for registration until closer to the actual dates (about 4-6 weeks out)
  • A key issue here is hike leaders knowing their personal schedules that far in advance and most can’t do this because of work, family, and other commitments/circumstances
  • To see these proposed events, go to the right sidebar and scroll down to the bottom.
  • An asterisk (*) after an event means that it registration is not yet available for that event.
  • A member noted that the first ticks were spotted/hitched a ride.   This usually happens in March, but with the mild weather, they have started to emerge early.
  • Hike Leaders can now send a link and post of their event listings to Facebook into one of two Facebook Groups – Kamloops Hiking Club and KHC Members (Only)
  • If you have registered for an event, check the event listing over the last few days for any new updates or comments.KHC Logo
  • If you need to cancel, do it as early as possible so other members can book into an event
  • All events are group events and the group is expected to stay together unless the event leader clearly agrees otherwise
  • The Annual AGM and Potluck (link) has now been posted for March 14.

Doug Smith

Retired now, I get into the outdoors most days to hike, paddle, camp, snowshoe, or explore. Some of my activities involve more difficult routes, but most are suitable for moderately fit people too. Since I am out several times a week, I post one (or two) event(s) each week and I invite a small group of like-minded people to join me. Kamloops Trails