Meet-Up Locations

The event leader may choose his/her own meet-up spot or he/she may use a regularly-used meet-up spot (which are listed below).

Aberdeen Mall Meet-Up Spot

  • usually used for westbound or south westbound events
  • meet west of the mall, between the theatre and Hillside Drive



Batchelor Hills Meet-Up Spot

  • generally used for Lac du Bois events
  • cross the cattleguard and park on the right



Paul Lake Road Meet-Up Spot

  • often used for northbound events
  • go up the road past Chief Louis Road and park on the left



Valleyview Arena (north end) Meet-Up Spot

  • generally used for eastbound events
  • meet in the arena parking lot at the north end



Brock Shopping Center Meet-Up Spot – PLEASE DO NOT USE

  • NOTE:  This meetup spot should no longer be used.  Going forward, please use the parking lot for the Brocklehurst Dog Park on Ord Road.



Market Fresh Foods

  • sometimes used by hike leaders who live in Dallas-Barnhartvale for eastbound or southeast bound events
  • meet at the parking area out from Market Fresh Foods on Dallas Drive; parked vehicles are left on the road to Pineridge Golf nearby


Brocklehurst Dog Park – Ord Road

  • generally used for events that go northwest past Tranquille
  • Plenty of room in the parking lot