2014 Peaks Series Δ

Many hikers enjoy getting to the top of a mountain. In 2014, KHC will offer a number of hikes (and a few snowshoes) that climb to the top. Most of these are on our schedule and have the symbol “Δ” behind the title. More will added throughout the year.

We invite members to set a goal for 2014 to finish some of the Peaks Series. If 3 is your goal for the year, then go for it. Others may wish to set a goal of 10 or more.

In the late fall, we will provide an opportunity for participants to log the number of summits they have completed for the year. We will summarize these achievements on our website and put the participant logs in for some fun draw prizes. This is a low-key, personal goal program for members. All summits must be on listed club events and participants must get to the summit.

A Peaks Series form will be posted at the end of season where you can log the peaks you have “bagged.”

Members who complete 10 or more peaks in 2014 will receive this decal:


Our 2014 Peaks (draft):

Estekwalan Zoa Wheeler
Wild Horse Ridge Bowman Embleton
Opax Yak Tod
Guanaco Sunrise Sugarloaf (Lundbom)
Mara Okanagan Mtn. Cathedral Rim
Long Hill Trophy 2 Sunset
Skoatl Morrisey Peter
Needle Ida did we forget any?