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KHC in the Subway

Utah is a favorite “haunt” of some of our KHC members and a group got together to travel to Zion National Park in October, 2014.

Doug Smith and friend Deborah Askew (Honorary Member) organized the permits, logistics, gear, and then recruited participants.   There were 11 KHCers at Zion and 7 opted to go into the Subway – Doug and Dianne Smith, John Moslin, Mary Putnam, Dave Schmidt, and Lois and Ed Hunter.

The Subway is a technical canyon and a long day.   Everyone had to bring a wetsuit, a harness, carabiner, descender, a drybag and some kind of footwear for canyoneering.   Deborah was our guide for the day.

We got an early start and shuttled vehicles.   We started off on the Kolob Terrace early, hiking through open pine forest in Wildcat Canyon over to the upper entrance of Russell Gulch.   The next section was all on beautiful slickrock.

Zion 3 003r
Dave, Lois, and John starting down Russell Gulch

The Canyon funneled us down toward the Left Fork.

Zion 3 007r
Two locals also joined us, but in this photo are Mary, Di. Lois, Ed, and John

The final section was a steep descent to the bottom of the canyon.

Zion 3 014r
Di, Dave, and Lois scrambling down.

At the bottom, we put on our wetsuits to start the wading and then swimming through potholes.

Zion 3 018r
Di, on the first wade.

As the canyon narrowed off, we had to work our way past obstacles, and scramble down canyon.   The first rappel was a first for some of the group, but everyone survived.

Zion 3 022r
Dave rappelling down. Deb taking care of us. John watching.

Rock, then water, then rock, then water.

Zion 3 027rSome of the potholes required us to throw our packs into the pool, drop over the edge into the pool, and swim out.

Zion 3 029r
Di, ready to plunge.

The longer rappels were exciting.

Zion 3 033r
Deb on the top of the line. Mary ready to go next.

The Subway is a section of the Left Fork Route.   It just gets better and better.

Start of the Subway
Start of the Subway

and better yet.

Zion 3 043r
Lois in the Subway

Portrait time too.

Zion 3 050rThe final tunnel at the end of the Subway.

Zion 3 059br
Just plain, wow.

The next stage was a hike down a series of small waterfalls and steps, but wetsuits were no longer needed.

Zion 3 069rFollowing the Left Fork downstream….

Zion 3 079r
Lois and John

The final section was a long rough section over boulders and obstacles and parts of a trail.   We stopped to inspect dinosaur tracks along the way.

Zion 3 092rThere was a steep uphill to the vehicles and our guide Deborah had a cold beer for everyone from a cooler in her trunk.   Now, that’s a hike leader!   Our thanks to Deborah and to the team for the good spirit as they tackled new challenges.

Will we be having more adventures in 2015?   Stay tuned…

D. Smith