Past Peak Series

2015 Peaks Δ


2015 Results:

Congratulations to all those who completed Peak Series events and qualified.  The committee will be in contact with you for your award.  Results will stay posted for a couple weeks.  (SCROLL DOWN FOR 2016 INFORMATION)

Sheila Powell 22
Gerry Hoye 21
Peter Frew 19
Peter Sharpe 18
Sharon Peters 16
John Moslin 14
Doug Smith 13
Ernie Carson 13
Paul Battjes 12
Anton 11
Jim Todd 11
Vivian Park 11
Toomas Ruberg 10
Camilla Dahl 9
Carole Pugle 9
Katherine Roberts 9
Helen Gendron 9
Raymond Conway 9
Frith Powell 9
Wendy Eckert 8
Leilani LaCasse 7
Adrianna Harris 7
Susanne De Montreuil 6
Greg Arvidson 6
Lois Rexin-Hunter 6
Ed Hunter 6
Raj Rana 5
Debbie 5
Wendy Kineshanko 5




The 2014 Peaks Series

Many hikers enjoy getting to the top of a mountain and in 2014 Paul Battjes came up with the idea of a recognition program for members who got to the top of the mountain on scheduled KHC events and Doug Smith did the work on the website to implement it.

Peaks Series Hikes were designated with a Δ symbol on the website.    Of the 170+ events hosted by KHC in 2014,  27 were Peaks Events.   KHC members were invited to self-register in the fall.   Our thanks to Picket Fence Graphics, Vital Sings, and Bone and Biscuit for their generous support.

Recognition awards are given to qualifying participants.