Peaks Series

The Peak Series is running again in 2016.
Hike leaders are asked to submit their peak request to any member of the Peak Committee (Paul, John, Ernie or Sheila)  in advance of their event for approval. If your hike is already on the pre-approved list, you do not need to get approval.

Once approved, Hike leaders are responsible for ticking box on web post for Peak Series when they post the event.

  • Minimum elevation gain for the hike must be 1500'.  This is the gain completed by hiking, not by driving or lifts.
  • Hikes must be approved by the Peak Series Committee in order to qualify.  A list of pre-approved hikes will be provided as well.
  • Not all hikes listed in this year's series will qualify next year.  Leaders should check with the Peak Series Committee prior to designating their hikes.
  • Locations are chosen by hike leaders throughout the year, as usual, but have to fit the requirements
  • Hikes (or snowshoes) that meet the Peaks criterion will be designated with a Δ symbol
  • Peaks hikes go to the tops of mountains, but if a road goes most of the way up to the trailhead, it may not qualify as a peak
  • participants must get to "the top", as determined by the hike leader
  • some hikes go to a viewpoint below the summit; participants are encouraged to discuss a side trip to the summit with the hike leader, when it is appropriate
  • some "mountains" are really hills; a vertical ascent scale will be used when there is some doubt
  • participants will self-register in the fall using a form provided on the website
  • participants must complete 5 events to qualify for the Peaks Series recognition program.
  • On backpacks people can get credit for more than one peak, if each peak is summited (most likely on separate days) and there is a vertical hiking gain of at least 1500', for each peak.  Only the backpackers within the group who complete this are eligible.
  • The original intention of the Peak Series was to bag a "Peak" or something that resembles the top of a mountain.  Ridges, passes, and high meadows, although have elevation gain, deviate from the original intention, and will not be allowed.
Peak Series Committee:

2016 Peaks the pre-qualify for Peak Series

Opax Mountain
Mt. Wheeler
Mt. Mara – East, South, West Approach
The Pimple – from Tranquille Creek
Jag Hill – Dew Drops
Mt. Fleet
Mt. Bowman
Sunrise Mt.
Sunset Mt.
Rousseau Hill
PEN Peak – Watching Creek
PEN Butte - Savona
Mt. Embleton – South approach from road
Porcupine Ridge
Cornwall Hills
Yak Peak
The Needle
Tod Mt. – no chairlift
Flatiron Mt.
Zupjok Peak
Long Hill
Trophy Summits
Joss Peak
Table Mt.
Zoa Peak
Eagle Pass
Raft Summits

Note: Hike Leaders- any “peaks” or backpacks in addition to this list must be approved by the Peak Series Committee. Send inquiries to

Previous Peak Series information can be found here.