What You Need to Know if You Are Interested in Becoming a KHC Member

Before joining Kamloops Hiking Club, it is a good idea to know more about KHC.

Some Quick Facts:

  • KHC has about 250 members.
  • In 2017, KHC organized about 270 events for its members.
  • All outings are group outings led by a volunteer leader.   These are not meet-up events.
  • All members must sign-up on-line for events which means logging in, reviewing the event listing, and booking a place on an event.
  • Members need to remember their login and password and need to learn to navigate around the website.   There are help files on the website and members can ask for help at any time, using the Contact Form provided.
  • Most outings are designed for 8 to 15 people and we leave it to the hike leader to determine the best size for that outing.
  • Once the event is full, leaders do not manage wait lists.   Members have to register early or wait for a cancellation.
  • No-shows are a big no-no.   Members are expected to cancel by going to the My Booking link provided.   Canceling early allows someone else to join the event.
  • Hikes, paddles, and snowshoes are group outings and the volunteer hike leader’s job is to keep the group roughly together.
  • Outings range from easy to difficult.   Fitness and experience is an issue for some of these events.   Members are expected to read the event listing and make a good decision.
  • Event listings contain lots of information for members.   It is hard to exactly define “moderate, harder, or difficult” hikes since every route is uniquely different.   For the average hiker our moderate hikes are probably longer and harder than they are used to.   Many of our experienced members and hike leaders have been doing some challenging routes for more than 40 years.
  • The best way to find out what events fit your level of experience, preparation, and fitness is to try a moderate event and see how it works out.
  • Terrain is another big issue.   Some of our hikes may have off-trail routes, steep sections, uneven footing, or scrambling.
  • We are always looking for more volunteer hike leaders.  Most of our current leaders are well-seasoned veterans who enjoy a good challenge.   Most of our members, though,  prefer more moderate routes on well-established trails.   Since we can’t (and won’t)  tell our volunteer leaders what hikes to organize, there will always be some events requiring some core level of fitness.   KHC is not a learn-to-hike-club,  so novices will need to start with getting out for some regular walks, then adding hills.   Building fitness takes time.
  • We know that many members want more moderate events on weekends and we do provide some of these, but we need more volunteer leaders to meet that demand.
  • All future events are posted on the website available through links on the front page.   Hike Leaders post events when they have time, not on a set schedule.   Since events may fill up, checking the site for new listings on a regular basis is a successful strategy.
  • We carpool to most trailheads to reduce our impact on the environment, to save money (riders pay a portion of the fuel and mileage), and because many trailheads have limited parking.   All drivers are volunteers so we expect courtesy and consideration.   Hikers do not have to carpool.   They can choose to drive their own vehicle.
  • Hiking events are for members and we try to keep available spots for our current members.   Guests are welcome, but only if there are available spaces.   All Guests must complete an e-waiver and must pay a guest fee.  We expect members to be responsible for their guests, making sure they are prepared and adequately fit and able to do the proposed outing.

Some Other Items to Review:

If all of this sounds good to you, please join KHC and we will look forward to seeing you On the Trails in 2018!