2018 Memberships

Within the first week of February, KHC will have surpassed 250 members and the Membership Committee will be closing down new registrations for the year, at least until the Board of Directors makes a final decision on March 4th.

If new memberships continue, at some point we would have too many members for the event spaces available but our first mandate is to provide opportunities for our current members.   In the last two years we have cut off memberships at 250, which appeared to be a balance point.

We are always looking for new Hike Leaders and some initiatives are in place to expand our capacity, but we are not sure how successful these will be.   In addition, a number of our Hike Leaders are traveling (5 will be away for 7 weeks) and some leaders are facing medical issues so KHC’s capacity to offer events is always a bit unknown.   It is better to be safe, hence the early shutdown of new member registrations.

Doug Smith

Retired now, I get into the outdoors most days to hike, paddle, camp, snowshoe, or explore. Some of my activities involve more difficult routes, but most are suitable for moderately fit people too. Since I am out several times a week, I post one (or two) event(s) each week and I invite a small group of like-minded people to join me. Kamloops Trails

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