Recommended Essentials – Biking


  • Helmet
  • Tire pump and tire repair kit
  • Bike multi-tool and Allen Keys
  • Working headlamp or flashlight
  • Space Blanket and/or large garbage bag
  • Nutrition – Extra food
  • Hydration – Extra water (minimum 1 litre)
  • Insulation – Extra clothing (extra layers of clothing, and, rain, wind protection)
  • First aid kit
  • Signalling device (whistle)


  • Spare batteries for headlamp/flashlight
  • Navigation Aids (maps with protective case, route description, compass, GPS)
  • Communication aids (cell phone, SPOT device, two way radios)
  • Pocket knife or multi-tool
  • Sun protection (glasses, sunscreen)
  • Repair kit – duct tape
  • Signalling device (mirror)