Registration Overview

Registration takes three easy steps.  Completion of all steps is required in order to receive an account in order to register for events.

Registration Overview

The steps are as follows:

  • Step 1 – Fill out the registration form.
  • Step 2 – Fill out the eWaiver (for each member).
  • Step 3 – Complete payment by PayPal.

Full details of membership including benefits can be found by clicking here.

IMPORTANT: When you have finished the registration form, the waiver, and fees for either the upcoming or current  season, please be patient.   Volunteers will follow up with contacting you by email.   You will receive a user account with a login and password.   New members registering for the upcoming year cannot book into KHC events until the New Year.   New members registering for the current year can book on KHC events immediately after receiving their login information.

Thanks for your interest in KHC!

Step 1 Registration Form

Fill Out Registration Form – This will open in a new window which you can close after.

Please remember that the name on the registration form needs to match the name entered on the waiver.

Step 2 Sign eWaiver

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that your first and last names match between your KHC profile and what will be entered on the eWaiver form.Please take a minute to check you have spelled your name and email address correctly before you tick the “Electronic Signature Consent”. If you have a spelling mistake, you will have to complete a new waiver.

After completing your waiver you will receive an email requesting you to click a link to verify your waiver. You must do this or else you will have to complete a new waiver. You have three days to perform this verification.

For minors, please review the Minors page complete the Acknowledgement of Risk linked on that page.




Step 3 Payment

IMPORTANT: If you intend to use a PayPal account with a name which does not match your name, please use the contact form to inform membership of both your name and the PayPal account name. Please use the subject line “New Member PayPal Name Link”. A new window opens when you click the link. Close it when you are done. You can now click on the ‘Pay Now” button.

Please now continue to pay via PayPal, use the following form. You do not need a Paypal account and can complete the payment as a PayPal guest.


If you have completed all the steps then congratulations, you have finished your registration! Member Services will be in touch confirming your registration. See you on the trails!