Welcome to the Wanderweg hiking page!

For those who are wondering what a Wanderweg is, it is the German word for 'hiking path'. I introduced Wanderweg in 2014 to offer an easier style/ shorter day hike, that could be enjoyed by all members.

The Wanderweg series are classified as 'easy-moderate' hikes that have a low elevation gain and loss, are less than 10km round trip, and are situated for members looking for low intensity/low impact on their body, but still wanting to get outdoors and socialize in a group setting.

Ideally Wanderwegs are geared towards:

  • Members who are getting back into the physical aspect of strengthening themselves for longer,
  • harder hikes
  • Strengthening lower body muscles from minor surgery or health issues.
  • Members not wishing to partake in an all day hike

If this style of hike sounds best suited for you then we shall see you on the trails!