Website Help

Logging into the Website

  • your username is provided by the Club and will be emailed to you once your current year’s membership is in good standing (online registration submitted, fees paid, online waiver complete)
  • a default password is provided to you by email
  • login to the site to participate (Login is on the right side of the Menu bar)
  • a simple Captcha-style feature is provided to reduce impacts from bots and spammers
  • if you have lost your password, click Lost Your Password at the bottom of the login screen
  • you must have a valid email to retrieve or change your password

Change your Profile (Password, Phone, etc.)

  • login to the website with the username and password provided to you
  • notice the black bar above the website page – at the top right is a Howdy, (your name)
  • hover your mouse cursor over the Howdy….
  • a box will appear – Click Edit My Profile
  • scroll down to field(s) you want to change – make the change(s)
  • Scroll down to the bottom and Click Update Profile

Change your Avatar

  • From the Edit My Profile Screen, scroll down to Avatar
  • Click Image > Browse
  • Navigate to the image on your computer that you want and click Upload
  • Update your Profile
  • If you don’t add an image, the website generates a random monster avatar

Booking Spaces on listed KHC Events

  • Login
  • Click an Event on the sidebar
  • Read the event listing carefully
  • Scroll to the bottom and fill out the form and click Send Your Booking
  • If the event is already full, you can’t book into the event.
  • The website database tracks how many spaces are open in an event for us and adjusts automatically for new bookings and cancellations.
  • There is no waiting list system
  • The website only displays names of logged in users to protect privacy.
  • The event will only show the names of the person who booked into the event, but not how many places he/she booked.
  • You may comment if you wish

Cancelling a Booking

  • Login
  • Hover your Mouse Cursor over Events and notice the drop down sub-menu
  • Click My Bookings
  • Scroll down to the find the event.   Click Cancel.
  • You may comment to the event listing too, if you want to.

 Navigating the Website

  • Note the Menu Bar under the website header imagemenu bar
  • Hover your Mouse Cursor over the listed pages
  • sub-pages appear below
  • click the page name to go to that page
  • pages are KHC’s static content but there may be forms, links, images, and other info for members
  • pages and posts (the central news items) may have links, which are usually blue in color (may be bold or underlined too)
  • click the link for more information


  • Anyone can subscribe to the websites posts, sent as emails.
  • Subscriptions are done by individuals signing up on their own through a third-party subscription service (WordPress/Jetpack).
  • Website owners have no access to the information, nor can they change a subscription.
  • When a person signs up, he/she will receive a confirmation email.
  • Once they click the “Confirm Follow” button, they’ll receive a notification of every future post by email.
  • Each email will have a link at the bottom to Manage Subscriptions, so they can unsubscribe at any time if they choose.
  • Also, if they ignore the confirmation email, they won’t receive anything from your site.
  • To change an email address, unsubscribe first, then subscribe again with the new email address.